Ergonomics Village 2017 at A+A Dusseldorf October 17-20, 2017

Ergonomics Village 2017 at A+A Dusseldorf October 17-20, 2017

Visitors e-newsletter N°1– May 2017

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Visit the Ergonomics Village 2017 , the meeting point for ergonomics and wellness at work, on October 17-20, 2017

  • Distributors, resellers, importers :
    Come and discover and try industrial and tertiary furniture, equipment and services that your customers are expecting and that will allow you to satisfy them.Works councils and personnel boards , Health at work employees, occupational physicians, Ergonomists, Safety engineers and officers, facility managers, buyers, entrepreneurs and business owners:
  • Come and discover solutions that will allow you to improve your industrial and tertiary workstations .

Initiated by Ergonoma Journal (10th year) European quarterly magazine, a bilingual English / French, whose motto is “Men behind the machines”, every two years, and only in Dusseldorf, as part of A + A, the No. 1 tradeshow for health and safety at work (in 2015, 65,000 visitors from 69 countries), the Ergonomics Village in the heart of Hall 10, dedicated to ergonomics, health and wellness at work, is the european and international meeting point not to be missed, to discover and try solutions to improve and manage workstations.

From tertiary to industry, the exhibitors, distributors and manufacturers offer for 4 days, materials, processes and training, fully in line with the health of the man at work.
Fighting against TMS, improving physical handicap situations, giving the keys to end and “evacuating” psychosocial risks , that have serious consequences for all employees of communities, as well as the private sector.

All the participants in the “Ergonomics Village” will help you to better understand the impact of technological change on the workstations, by offering tools and concepts for qualitative optimization of health prevention at workstations.
How to manage acoustics, lighting, flooring, adaptability of equipment, furniture and working tool.
How to structure space: developing collaborative spaces or individual intense concentration and relaxation areas.

How to prioritize responsible management in compliance with the environment on the workplace.
A unique opportunity to meet in DUSSELDORF ergonomists, trainers, physicians, prevention specialists, manufacturers, architects and work furniture designers.
This “Ergonomics Village” space will allow visitors to find solutions to deal with the problems posed by “hard working conditions”, whether physical or moral.
Not to be missed because the Ergonomics Village in Dusseldorf is only held every two years (the next in 2019): we are expecting you!


Presentation of our exhibitors, more will be presented to you on our next visitors e-newsletters :

Wilkhahn (Germany)

Movement. Concentration. Relaxation. Psychologists, physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists agree in considering the movement as a vital need. The challenge goes beyond the ‘bad back’,  the proper functioning of the intervertebral discs ...

Werksitz (Germany)

We are looking after your health and increasing performance with ergonomic swivel work chairs ! We have been providing our customers with optimum ergonomic products since 1980. During the course ...

Steppie ApS (Denmark)

The Steppie Balance Board is “The Missing Link” for those sitting at the office every day. In Scandinavian countries some 96 % of all office workers do have a height adjustable ...

Dauphin (Germany)

Dauphin HumanDesign Group – Integrated solutions for ideal ergonomic workstations The Dauphin HumanDesign Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of complete office solutions and offers furniture for open space and ...

Dataflex (Nederland)

At Dataflex we want to help you get the most out of yourself. This is why we want the place where you work to be a place where you feel ...