Actiu’s TNK Flex seating, awarded with the German Design Award

TNK Flex by  Actiu is executive task seating with high-performance technology which is expected to meet the user’s needs in an intuitive way, by adapting itself to the morphology and movements of the human body, while adjusting the spine and the seat as if it were a second skin. It combines features, quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness.It offers breakthrough ergonomic ... Read More »


A fun way to sit

Presented by ISKU (Helsinki) at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018, “Hangaround” is not only a fun way to sit, but also an ergonomic alternative for the traditional, static sitting position. All major muscle groups become passive, the load on the lower back increases, metabolism slows down and thoughts become muddled. Luckily, it takes just a tiny movement or a change in ... Read More »


When the material used becomes the mechanism: SILQ the office seat that redefines the design of the seats.!!!

SILQ SILQ by Steelcase , is designed to adapt to the way individuals work today. Thanks to an innovation in materials science and a patent-pending process, Steelcase’s designers and engineers have created a new highperformance polymer material that draws on the qualities of carbon fiber for a price that is accessible to a mass market. “We were inspired by the ... Read More »