E2D Newsletter – n° 63

Applica by Assmann

Assmann presents its innovative docking system Applica. An interface for power and data supplies from the building directly to the workstation, Applica acts as a communication centre at your desk and can also take on functions of office-space organisation, lighting and acoustics. Read More »

C5 Stealth workstation by RAGNARS

The C5 Stealth workstation is electric height adjustable from 700-1200mm. (Class A Soundabsorbing walls and top ) The sound is trapped between the walls, top and table top. Read More »

Quiet Riot, designer Daniel Svahn, for Mitab

Quiet Riot is a functional, freestanding room divider with sound absorbing qualities and strong character inspired by classic riot barricades. An appealing and brutally simple design and function fullfills its purpose of dividing a space. Read More »

W164 Alto: a new type of uplighter

Designer: Dirk Winkel for Wästberg The pole houses a sophisticated 10.000 lumen, multidirectional, LED technique, giving a very even and super-wide-angle light distribution. The top disc of the base is a large dimming wheel which also includes the switch. Read More »

Inno®Pod Mini for Four Design Danmark

The challenge has been to create a room that reduces noise, creates tranquility, improves mobility, and reduces the activity in our natural center of fear (amygdala), enabling the ability to concentrate everywhere. Read More »

Wick chair: Designed by Karl Malmvall & Jesper Ståhl

The Wick chair is a modular and versatile chair that combines tradition and avant-garde “Karl and Jesper placed an old basket in front of me, explaining that this was what they had in mind,” Anders Färdig remarks. “I was pretty much all at sea!”. Read More »