LUCTRA® has presented its new VITAWORK lamp for the first time at Light + Building.2018.

The lamp complements its range of floor, table and portable lamps with a new variant which illuminates an entire room with both direct and indirect light. VITAWORK is a logical continuation of the LUCTRA® philosophy, bringing the latest LED technology to the workplace. The LEDs built into the lamp head provide energy-efficient illumination via a light panel with either symmetrical ... Read More »


Moon craters for an incredible acoustic comfort and an  efficient lighting with Silent Field by Artemide

The Silent Field suspension by Artemide, -Designers: Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Laura Pessoni, combines incredible acoustic comfort with high-performance lighting. Minimalist, this large flat disc absorbs sounds and reduces their reverberation. Its meticulous design gives it an efficiency that is second to none on the market. By reducing noise, this suspension creates an intimate and protected environment. It is a ... Read More »


Smart connected lighting in offices

The Regent Lightpad Tunable floor lamp and its MyLights Tunable app, available for Android and iOS, make the Human Centric Lighting concept accessible to everyone. The Lightpad luminaire, once plugged in, automatically starts in “Daylight Simulation” mode. It allows a continuous variation of the color temperature between warm white and cold white. App control allows the user to easily set ... Read More »


Light in a New Dimension !

100% production “Made in Germany”. It would be better to call this production “Luminous Sculptures” instead of Luminaries or Light tools. At the Light + Building show, SATTLER presented some new products in the style of these great professionals. We had a crush on GIOCO Design: Theophil Eichler, Ulrich Sattler Gioco – Harmonious combinations following the dimensions of the Golden ... Read More »

Adjustable worktop

Corner Office is designed to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of today’s open plan workplace

Corner Office is designed to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of today’s open plan workplace by providing visual privacy, sound reduction, task lighting, and desktop power. Corner Office represents a new type of product for productivity.   Corner office is systemic and flexible, offering various degrees of privacy and power provision. The system comprises three elements: a glare-free, fully dimmable LED ... Read More »


Embacco combine light and acoustic Benefits

Embacco lighting (Denmark)presents Flab Fab. Embacco Lighting releases a new concept for general lighting in workplace design. Flab Fab is a collection of large pendants that fuse together textiles and technical lighting. The pendants can be used in public spaces and are ideal for offices. Flab Fab delivers soft, pleasant light, with the added bonus that it can also improve ... Read More »