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When the material used becomes the mechanism: SILQ the office seat that redefines the design of the seats.!!!

SILQ SILQ by Steelcase , is designed to adapt to the way individuals work today. Thanks to an innovation in materials science and a patent-pending process, Steelcase’s designers and engineers have created a new highperformance polymer material that draws on the qualities of carbon fiber for a price that is accessible to a mass market. “We were inspired by the ... Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 64

Time to change the game

NEW From South Africa • Why is office furniture so expensive? • Why is it so difficult to order and assemble? • And can’t we make a system that works the way we do? The big idea Business is changing. Life is changing. But there’s one aspect of work that remains stuck in the past: office furniture. We think it’s ... Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 55

NEOS: “sitting without a driving licence”, by Wilkhahn

Neos is characterised by ingenious simplicity, intuitive handling and clear contours. The redesign of the chair applies to the upholstery above all. The new, breathable upholstery and covering method looks fresher, more modern and enhances comfort too. The interaction with the three-dimensional, elastic backrest shell and specially designed automatic synchro-adjustment encourages a range of motion and change of posture that ... Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 55

SAVO Soul chair, designer Olle Lundberg

SAVO Soul chair, designer Olle Lundberg, is the latest addition to the family of office chairs aiming to fulfill all needs of a modern office environment. Built with the most advanced technology available in the simplest form possible, SAVO Soul is fitted with the bare minimum of adjustments. Following your body´s natural movements, it helps improve both your posture and ... Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 55

With Add, by Lammhults, designer Anya Sebton

With Add, by Lammhults, designer Anya Sebton, we can sit actively, sit-stand and quickly get up and move forward. By sitting more upright, we also get a better flow of oxygen in the body. We simply think better ! Frame of 22mm powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. Footrest always in chrome. With or without glides. Seat of molded ... Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 55

The 50th anniversary of the Karuselli lounge chair

Artek , now part of Vitra AG, will kick off 2014 with the 50th anniversary of the Karuselli lounge chair, a new addition to the Artek product range. Designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro in 1964, Karuselli was relaunched as part of the Artek range earlier in January 2014. Karuselli is one of the most famous lounge chairs in the world. Kukkapuro ... Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 55

Dent Wood chair by Bla Station

Is it possible to create a 3D shape using a normal veneer? With Dent chair the impossible becomes possible. At Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014, a new product in the Dent family 2014 is Dent Wood chair by Bla Station that is made completely of layer-glued, compression-moulded wood. Despite its crumpled surface, Dent is a comfortable seat shell with a host ... Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 55

Mute armchair from Horreds

More soundproofing innovation in the form of Mute : soundproof booths (with an optional roof) that can be arranged to form different privacy zones in offices. Designer: Fredrik Mattson for Horreds. ( seen at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014) Read More »

E2D Newsletter – n° 55

Esencia for Draber

Released in November 2013, Esencia for Draber was presented by KINNARPS in Stockholm. This new work chair has a SYNCHRONOUS MECHANISM. Automatic setting according to the weight of the user can customize the angle and strength of the seat according to the person who is sitting. This way, it allows a balanced adjustment and support tailored to the individual. If ... Read More »