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NookPod, a mobile and quiet, work & meeting space, that enhances Wellbeing & Productivity

NookPod improves open Workspaces which hinder effective concentration, communication & collaboration. Small meetings are where real innovation and connections occur. Nookpod is an alternative to Meeting Rooms which are usually in short supply and designed for large gatherings. Features include Power and charging points, adjustable lighting and range of colours. A Nookpod integrates and works with the space around it. ... Read More »


new :Lighting fixture in BuzziFelt, the BuzziShade

The BuzziShade design prevents eavesdroppers from hearing your private conversations and reduces external noise levels to a minimum. The BuzziShade is extremely versatile. A fantastic addition to any office, waiting room or restaurant, the BuzziShade is designed with large-scale settings in mind. Be creative by adding a layer of colorful fabric to the BuzziFelt shades.   www.buzzi.space Read More »

Acoustic partition

Buzzipleat “Collerette”: tactile pleat enfolds silence

A series of architectural solutions by 13&9 Design, the BuzziPleat reinterprets ancient techniques used in fashion design, like smocking and pleating, to create large- scale, yet lightweight sculptural forms, made of sound-absorbing Buzzi Felt. Architectural folds maximize surface area, delivering exceptional acoustic performance. The collection includes two configurations, BuzziPleat Ripple and BuzziPleat Edel, both can be can be affixed to ... Read More »