Back from Milan

310,840 visitors overall, including big crowds on Saturday and Sunday when the fair opened its doors to the general public.
The Salone del Mobile once again confirmed its international identity with a significant presence of Russian operators, with China representing the largest number of visitors and Germany in second place.

Also noteworthy was the Middle Eastern presence, particularly Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt, while the number of visitors from the USA, the UK and India showed a solid growth.

Salone 2015. with an original and innovative concept for workplace design and technology:
this year, it was being accompanied by the Salone Ufficio – the office furniture trade-fair that comes complete with the somewhat over-trendy name of “Workplace 3.0”
Workplace 3.0, the office is on the move, with 11 500 m² of stans and 127 exhibitors.

with The WALK : This is the title of the new work of concrete poetry by Michele De Lucchi.
A work conceived, written, designed and planned for the work place: the office.

‘La Passeggiata’ (‘The Walk’), a space (this time hosted inside the Workplace3.0 pavilions) where visitors can experience design ideas that showcase all the multi-faceted aspects of the workplace.
Workplace3.0 is an exhibition with an innovative concept, devoted to design and technology for planning the workspace bring together the top proposals from the furnishing world for office, banks, insurance offices, post offices and other public spaces, seating for offices and public spaces, acoustics, flooring and coverings, lighting and office accessories as well as audio-video technologies and communication.
Did you know that sitting all day at work is not only bad for our bodies but it could also stifle creativity as well? Italian designer Michele De Lucchi firmly believes that standing and walking are crucial to thought development which is why he created “The Walk,” a futuristic office for Salone Ufficio at the Salone del Mobile 2015. The installation keeps users on their feet in a loop path that offers different perspectives on ongoing office life.
De Lucchi’s installation is divided into four main themed areas: Club, Free Man, Agorà and Laboratory. These areas are located around a never-ending path that moves up and down in the space and is meant to provoke the evolution of the concepts of office work.!
Office work has evolved exponentially in recent years as a result of the extreme development of technology. This evolution has necessarily placed in discussion the stereotypes of office spaces and the products that customarily occupy them.
The traditional notions of work, of office, of space are being shattered by the democratization and the personalization of technology. The companies affected by this therefore face a great challenge. It’s a difficult moment, one that leads to movement – as the installation by Michele De Lucchiwould appear to indicate.

Visiting the stands, one notes that the brands are by no means sitting still. If anything, judging by the products on display, many brands have already understood where to steer the future of work, as if anticipating De Lucchi’s warning.
Here follows a randomly ordered itinerary of some of the companies we’ve seen and appreciated in Milano :

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