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This is certainly what characterizes the most this Ergonoma Journal issue. Diversity of designs, productions, diversity of designers from different backgrounds, diversity of process.
And if you read entirely this edition, you will realize that the common ground of all our articles is MANKIND: The Man in the World! Let us not be misled by careerist politicians, who see in globalization only injustice, and want us to believe that only barriers can protect us.

It is them who have everything to lose, they are so afraid that we grow beyond their control!
What barriers are we talking about ? Those that block, isolate, and generate ipso facto all sorts of dictators?

Fortunately there are no barriers preventing us to convey “know-how”, creativity, research and, foresight as this mixing gives birth to metamorphosis of civilization. Do not look back, the Future is what is interesting, this future in which “y” and “epsilon” generations already live.

Even robots are not to blame, as this employee of a manufacturing plant, specialised in kitchen furnitures, in Région Grand Est, France, said “Thanks to the robot, I no longer have back or upper limbs pain, I lead it, after few training sessions” and his colleague who could not attend any says “I check and correct the robot’s small mistakes, I do the quality assurance.
3D printing, robotics, digital technologies, these technologies tend to address the concerns of well – being at work for everyone, “the ergonomisation” of processes and tools.

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