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The Okamura Chairs

While automatic vehicles are making buzz in the industry, Nissan has come up with something more practical and convenient for smart offices- the Okamura Chairs.

Well, these are Intelligent Parking Chairs designed by Nissan engineers in collaboration with the BIRDMAN creative team. Inspired by the Japanese car maker’s high-tech intelligent park assist technology, these conceptual chair are able to detect their target position under the desks.

Just like Nissan’s intelligent car tech. (which makes parking easier using automatic steering), the self-parking chairs are able to ‘park’ or arrange themselves automatically by making 360-degree turns. The futuristic chairs are equipped with a roller, which allows the furniture to move in a complete 360-degree spectrum.

Further, a sensor system has been paired with the spectrum for helping the chairs detect their target position. Plus, a set of Wi-Fi- controlled cameras installed on the ceiling offer a birds-eye view and transmit accurate information to the chairs, indicating efficient movement towards the respective destination. With a single clap, all the disorganized chairs snap to life and return to their rightful positions. This means you don’t have to make an effort to push your chair back to its position, after working all day long.

Nissan self-parking chairs are a practical solution for lazy futuristic offices. Sadly, the technology is not coming to your offices any time soon- as Nissan has no plans to hit the furniture market so far. It is just a clever promotional venture to make people aware about their Intelligent Park Assist self-parking car system.

However, we won’t mind such self-moving chairs in our offices. May be in coming years we will see such intelligent furniture moving around in our offices. But before that you’d surely be able to test Nissan’s self-parking cars in near future.

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