Ergonoma Journal Special issue Workspace Paris 2020

To support the communication of Workspace Expo Paris 2020 , Ergonoma journal offers you to raise awareness of your target audience by being present in a “special issue” of ERGONOMA Journal dedicated to Workspace Expo Paris 2020, to be released  on August 25, 2020.

Distribution: to all of our 19,000 French-speaking users / readers (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland) and to our 1,600 French-speaking distributors / readers.

How to be part of it?

By a presentation of your choice on your know-how, accompanied by photos of your products presented.
2 whole pages , i.e. 1 editorial page and practical information 1600 signs
                                  + 1 page, 4 captioned photos with copyright and free of rights. in HD (high definition)
1 full page , i.e.  1/2 page (600 characters) of editorial and practical information
                            + 1/2 page for 2 captioned HD photos, with copyright and free of rights. in HD (high definition)

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