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What if clear transparent panels, were the responsible office choice for open spaces ?

We are all aware that COVID-19 spreads drastically more between people in confined environment for extended periods. Research made by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shows workplaces are the most common transmission place for adults aged between 20 and 50. Solutions exists like vacating every second desk. Another one is imposing barriers like cubicle walls. All of them are largely defeating the point of open-plan offices. They are not going to be enough to go back to “normality”.

A good way to enable responsible co-working in an open-plan office environment is to fit Ahrend Clear screens. It will partition the space between employees. They are transparent, to enable a good view of the office environment and allow colleagues to make eye contact.

Ahrend Clear is a collection of transparent acrylic panels that can be attached to countertops. It can be attached to intermediate panels of desks and to monitor arms. There are also freestanding acrylic panels that can be placed on cabinets, meeting tables and counters, for example. 100% recyclable Ahrend Clear screens consist of two materials: the acrylic screens and the metal fixtures.

These materials can be kept apart and recycled separately. Acrylic has a long service life. The Ahrend Clear Collection comes in five types:
Front and side screens move up and down on sit-stand desks. All screens have rounded corners.

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