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Ongo is recognized and awarded for its Pop-Up Office solution at the Focus Open Award 2020

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For Ergonoma Journal, which has supported the “ONGO” project and its various variations since its creation, ONGO ® is a visionary. This German company on a human scale, based in Stuttgart, was created by Eberhard Lenz in 2010. Shortly after, the first solutions for an active base emerged. A manufacturer who always anticipates changing ways of working. It gives the right keys to increasing the “well-being” of employees on a daily basis in all new forms and categories of jobs.

Adapted solutions

For ONGO ® founder and designer Eberhard Lenz, ONGO ® offers solutions tailored to the demands of tomorrow’s work environments. Solutions that invite employees to be more agile and therefore more productive. No matter what the budget or how much space is available. ” This spring, the new ONGO ® workstation concept was launched and awarded. The reason ? “Because it perfectly reflects the office of the future”. Agility at work has always guided ONGO® work solutions. They are designed to help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing work environment. The main components of the Pop-Up Office are a mobile desk, an active stool, a multipurpose board, and a mobile meeting table.

The office, ONGO ® Spark

It is a practical and portable individual sit-stand desk. It is an aesthetic, functional and very versatile office. Straight with rounded corners, with a mono hydraulic column, it is height adjustable by gas spring without any cable or power supply. Two double casters under its angled footrest allow it to be easily pulled to any location you want. It is the most flexible work tool in the home office. The table top is just large enough to accommodate all of the work materials. Including a coffee cup. It incorporates both a handle for easy maneuvering and a magnetic groove to hold the ONGO ® stool. helps reduce the risk of low back pain by avoiding bad postures every day

The stool, ONGO ® Free

It is specially developed for people who work on height adjustable tables. The small round seat is very comfortable. Its curved foot (diameter of 39 cm) guarantees the possibility of multiplying the movements in a seated position. This seat is not only very comfortable at a common seat height, but also at height. Providing good hold, without hindering movement and thus promoting a dynamic posture. It therefore allows greater freedom and maximum productivity. Note, the foot has a wooden core for durability and a particularly robust HPL coating. The underside is coated with integral CFC-free foam. It offers secure support on hard and smooth floors without damaging them. And of course, it is available in different colors.

ONGO ® Boards

The desk and the stool are complemented by the ONGO ® Boards. Versatile panels that can be used for sound insulation and partitioning of work areas. The coating of the panels allows brainstorming ideas to be noted. The set is mobile and light. It allows good handling and transformation into a monitor for spontaneous videoconferencing. It can be rolled anywhere easily and flexibly thanks to its double locking casters. ONGO® Boards are available in three versions. in the form of a bulletin board, whiteboard and control board.

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