Alpha and Alpha Premium ergonomic seats

ErgoSanté invites you to discover a selection of ever more innovative products among a hundred references that will revolutionize your comfort at work True customer favorites of the moment, the Alpha and Premium office chairs are design and operational furniture manufactured in the premises of Ergosanté in France.

A duo of chairs at the cutting edge of ergonomics developed to improve the quality of life at work. These 100% Made in France ergonomic chairs have been designed to offer their users incomparable comfort in the office and at home.

An enveloping backrest, an ultra-comfortable seat, multidimensional ergonomic armrests and headrest, up to the design base and multifunction wheels; you will find the undisputed talent of French artisans at all levels. Test them quickly!

We particularly like the high level of comfort that these seats offer throughout the day. These preventive models will be remembered for their fully adjustable functions according to the templates and easily adaptable to the specific needs of each individual.

Design, comfort and prevention of MSDs

The Ergo Alpha and Ergo Alpha Premium designer office chairs are the result of know-how that puts Made in France in the spotlight. They take shape on dynamic and contemporary curves expressly studied to counteract the deleterious effects of our essentially sedentary lifestyle.

A compendium of technology for everyone to effectively prevent the musculoskeletal disorders and back pain so common in the office. Fully adjustable, the Alpha and Premium ergonomic seats are ideally equipped with pneumatic lumbar support. They provide exclusive support to your spine and follow your every move.

Impeccable finish and “clean” bactericidal

The Alpha and Alpha Premium designer seats stand out for their manufacturing quality carried out by the adapted company of Ergosanté, which combines elegance, comfort and functionality. They are also available in a bactericidal, antimicrobial and antifungal “Clean” coating. A touch of ingenuity combined with rare versatility to improve your working environment.