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Haworth awarded by the State of Michigan for its zero waste production model

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We carry on our chronicles of the encounters between office furniture and ecology, even the circular economy. We remind you, while efforts in this area are always welcome, they remain particularly necessary for furniture. Its major ecological impact is well established. Today, the American company Haworth is awarded by the US state of Michigan. For the deployment of ecological projects and the promotion of the circular economy.

The reward ? The West Michigan Sustainable Business of the Year Awards (award for the company most based on sustainable production models). To reward his efforts to reduce waste. Particularly the composting of key waste from laminated surfaces. Zoom on this innovative company and its manufacturing processes that have enabled it to be rewarded.

Haworth, a zero waste company

Haworth is an American office furniture manufacturer that has literally put innovation in its DNA. In addition to furniture, she helps her “clients to better understand their organizational culture, increase employee engagement and design their spaces with inspiring furniture.” In short, the company helps to optimize the layout of the workspace. Notably thanks to numerous studies on our habits at work and with the help of the furniture she has created. But it has also long decided to innovate in its production process. By promoting the circular economy and guaranteeing no waste emitted.

Since 2012, Haworth no longer produces any waste. Last year, the Netherlands-based office furniture maker brought together 64 of its top executives. He has thus developed a strategy focused on three key areas of continuous improvement. The first, a sustainable development strategy focused on the circular economy, has been identified as essential for the long-term viability of the company. “Sustainability is at our heart,” says Dominic Daunter. Global Director of Design Innovation and Sustainability at Haworth. In any case, his efforts did not go unnoticed. They were awarded by the US state of Michigan.

Prizes to reward ecological and circular economy initiatives

The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum presented six local businesses and institutions with the West Michigan Sustainable Business of the Year award at the seventh annual Triple Bottom Line Bash at the Fulton Street Farmers Market. Haworth received the West Michigan Circular Economy Leadership Award. Award that recognizes an organization that promotes waste diversion and the development of a circular economy in western Michigan. The zero-waste company has developed a new process to encourage circular design in product development this year. She has made notable efforts to compost key waste from laminate surfaces.

“The environment is a big part of our contribution to the community we live in,” says Daunter. “When our customer is done with a product, it doesn’t go to a landfill. We have a plan for the next destination of this product ”. Conceptualizing second life uses early in the manufacturing process helps make the Haworth process a 100% circular design.

A company with zero waste is something that made people smile not so long ago. Today, they are rewarded profitable and… design !!! Because if we take a look at the catalog of the American company, we are amazed. Top of the range, ergonomic… The Haworth therefore seem to have invented a model which can be transposed to other companies. For the greatest happiness of the planet.

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