EGIC’FORM S.2: 2-in-1 furniture for meeting and training rooms

Optimising dedicated spaces as much as possible remains the wish of many companies. Whether it is a meeting room, training room or videoconference room, the idea is to have a multifunctional work room. The layout then becomes an essential parameter. EGIC has therefore developed a range of computer furniture allowing a perfect optimisation of dedicated spaces. Both ergonomic and innovative, the EGIC’FORM S.2 range provides the perfect answer to the design of new spaces thanks to its great modularity. An evolutionary equipment which does not forget the comfort of the users. Discover the EGIC’FORM S.2 range which in an instant transforms your meeting rooms into a training room.

A technical breakthrough for maximum optimisation of space

The computer furniture of the EGIC’FORM S.2 range is characterised by its design and the use of its system called MODULIFT. The operation is simple, it allows you to store a screen, a keyboard and the mouse of a computer under the worktop. This feature makes it possible to transform a training room into a meeting or video-conference room. More generally, the space used becomes a real working room. This perfect optimisation of space increases the efficiency of work sessions.

This furniture with retractable screen is electrically operated. At the press of a single button, it opens and closes by moving up and down. The operation is fast and smooth. In just a few moments, the training furniture can be transformed into a meeting table without having to change the layout of the room. The range is rounded off by a series of independently operable flaps that can be easily adapted to suit any requirement. When closed, the furniture offers perfect clearance for a work table.

Design your workspace freely according to your needs

The EGIC’FORM S.2 range of computer furniture has the particularity of being adaptable to all work spaces. Its great modularity offers the possibility to freely design their workspace. It is also possible to create U- or V-shaped layouts, or even in the form of a meeting table or in rows. The possibilities are numerous and meet the requirements of the space. EGIC’FORM S.2 is also available in a variety of finishes to fit into any corporate environment.

Modular, the EGIC’FORM S.2 training furniture is also configurable in several ways. Depending on the model, it can accommodate one or two positions. It is even possible to configure the furniture so that the positions are linked together. Regardless of the computer equipment used, the furniture is designed to accommodate them perfectly. Built-in connection strips serve as a power supply for the existing equipment. It is also possible to equip the workstations with connectors directly recessed into the worktop for easy access. Finally, the central units of the computer workstations can be housed in suitable housings and brackets.

Furniture that is as well thought out for the user as it is for the equipment.

The EGIC’FORM S.2 range of training furniture has been designed for both the user and the equipment it houses. The importance of such a line of furniture is to bring real comfort to the user. By working on this type of furniture, his work sessions should be more productive. Ergonomics was therefore an important design rule. The displayed dimensions of the different models allow for this optimal comfort both in terms of the work surface and the positioning of the body. In order to meet many requirements, it is possible to equip the EGIC’FORM S.2 furniture with screens up to 24” that can be adjusted in height and tilt by plus or minus 12°. This possibility validates the correct position of the user according to his viewing angle.

EGIC’FORM S.2 also offers equipment protection on all its models. First of all, the computer equipment is stored under the worktop with a closed hatch. The equipment is thus secured until the opening system is activated. In addition, key lockable cabinets are available to accommodate the computer CPUs. As this is furniture with a retractable screen, it is important to secure the different models so that users do not injure themselves during their work session. The keyboard and mouse holder is a protection that prevents direct access to the MODULIFT system’s motor. For even greater safety, the opening control can be done centrally with a single control by the trainer. Finally, for furniture maintenance, the stations are equipped with secure access hatches to make this operation simple and efficient.

Finally, in addition to providing real comfort to users and securing the equipment, the EGIC’FORM S.2 range has been designed with the future in mind. The workstations in this range can be completely dissociated, making it easier to upgrade and recycling over 95% of the workstations.