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Laptop supports, the best well-being in teleworking?

Another article on working from! Yes, but some will point out that the topic is too important and new not to address all the questions it raises. And it is clear that remote working has already taken its share of problems. The most important thing is the lack of a dedicated space. Simply put, we had to quickly adapt from a business office with ergonomic equipment to a home that hadn’t been designed for that, at all !. And it was felt, as demonstrate an explosion of health problems and musculoskeletal disorders.

Last month, physiotherapists and osteopaths sounded the alarm, explaining that teleworking had created a significant increase in the number of patients. Professionals, aware of the need, have been going out of their way and releasing new products since last year.

Among this avalanche of novelties, the team has decided to list a few examples. Whether for their originality, or their obvious quality. Here is an eminently subjective list of our “favourites” in laptop supports. Because the laptop is the main friend of teleworkers (it is for us), and support seems to be the minimum in terms of ergonomics. Overview of products that may save you from having to go through the doctor’s box.

Classic laptop stands

The laptop stand allows a laptop to be positioned so that the user can work in comfort. First beneficial effect: the alignment of the position between the user and the laptop. Which naturally improves posture. Pressure points on the lower back being evacuated.

The pressure on the elbows also disappears because the keyboard can be placed at height. 2 types of support are known: stand-alone and portable.

The portable can only be placed on a desk, while the stand-alone can operate on its own. Perfect example of a laptop stand, the VariDesk, which even allows you to set up a standing desk with your laptop.

On his balcony …

Need a change of scenery ? A bit of fresh air ? Setting up your office outside is very easy today. This is what Balkonzept offers, a concept straight out of the imagination of Berlin designer Michael Hilgers.

It’s a laptop stand that grips a balcony. As the vast majority of remote workers are living in buildings within big cities, the idea seems bright. The surface is approximately 600×450 mm. It doesn’t seem to leave room to install much more than a laptop, perhaps an extra mouse or trackpad . However, be carefull with the weather forecast, your laptop might not like you anymore !

… Or in his living room

This is what designer Jasper Morrison offers for Vitra. He designed the NesTable, a computer stand that vaguely resembles a lectern. The top is in polyurethane in the same color as the column and the base.

The column and extension bar are made of steel and the base is of die-cast aluminum. The height and angle of the tabletop platform are fully adjustable. The shape of the base allows users to bring it closer to most types of seats and improves comfort. And stylishness !

Thanks to all these novelties, the furniture of its interior is no longer an obstacle to working in good conditions. Thousands of accessories and noveleties across the glob are blossoming daily to settle comfortably.

Musculoskeletal disorders, physiotherapists and osteopaths are no longer inevitable. Even if these objects are mostly made by designers (with the prices that this implies), they are simple and show that ergonomics are often quite easy to achieve. Provided you got the right idea.

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