Say no to the “Jeans” Syndrome No to uniformity of cities and villages!

The entire planet has succumbed since the seventeenth century to the jeans, primarily, almost ripstop work-wears for slave labor in sugar cane plantations. Then it rose through the ranks of society, to be worn nowadays, more or less, stylishly by both “aristocrats”, celebrities. or “you” and “me.”

Ergonoma Journal, you know it, travels a lot. It allowed me to acknowledge the last few month, a new “uniform”, a new fashion! the “cladding” of habitat on the pretext of providing a protective function, insulation and even design! Ladies and Gentlemen the “Architects”, do not let our cities
wrapped by this new uniform!

The urbanization of cities in the periphery of some major European metropolitan areas, and countryside, are made to have all the same colour: the greyed out wood dimmed by the weather or the sun. Where are the beautiful grindstones ? The pink-hued bricks used in the south, the red bricks from the north, or the red purple briquette of aligned English suburban houses, they were our change of scenery landmarks, the personality of these traditional habitats. Why trying to give a look like of “Swiss chalet” to all countries? A bit of creativity please, it will be my call so that we do not succumb again to uniformity !!

* Cladding: Traditionally composed of a wooden lathing, boardngs are now made of laths of different types of materials (wood fibers, fiber cement, PVC, etc.).