“Where will I be best and most productive today?”

The definition of ‘workplace’ continues to evolve, so understanding what it means to the organisation today and assessing how the space currently functions will provide clear direction on what changes can and should be made.With options ranging from a dining table to a café or coworking space, people will work from the place where their needs can be best met; this choice means knowing that their desk height will be comfortable and quiet concentration rooms will be available. Whether it’s intelligent furniture with adaptable power supplies or conference rooms that know exactly what your next meeting will require, the potential for improving the employee experience is endless. After the furniture and lighting fair in Stockholm (Sweden) and today Workspace Expo Paris, (France) some answers from French and International Brands will help you to respond or at least help you to optimise the changes while respecting the planet Solutions that maximise flexibility are therefore essential to a fluid working environment. But if the proposed solutions don’t meet the team’s needs for collaboration and confidentiality, even the latest conference technology won’t solve the functional problems. Listening to your teams and respecting their expectations is one of the keys to living well together, to well-being and to quality of life at work. Ergonoma journal’s pages in this issue provide some answers based on realistic examples.