Hybrid, flexible and alternative places

Times have changed permanently, all the studies show it and the 10th ACTINEO barometer (France) will allow you to understand the new functioning, to read in this issue. It seems obvious that the workplace must remain a place of productivity, creativity and collaboration. We are talking about the Human who finally finds himself at the heart of the system.

This human experience is to be considered from several angles in order to promote human comfort, the integration and the implementation of constantly evolving technological needs. Prioritize ergonomic support, wellness and health promotion; Axes that will never disappear and for which ergonoma journal has been helping you accomplish them for 18 years.

Successfully bringing people back to the office requires understanding how your team best performs their work. To attract people to the office and encourage innovation, alternative work models must be carefully planned and selected to suit the type of work to be done, the culture of the organization, and facilitate bonding.

The ergonoma journal team wishes you a great summer for a successful return at work. We will always be by your side.