Ten years

Even after 10 years of creative excitement and sometimes disturbances and in a world which, although now finally recognized as an absolute necessity, still in 2015, has people who think ergonomics must remain the “preserve of those who know”, people who think it will never work, or “that well-being at work is impossible” … we are more convinced than ever before.

Our motivation to share our “gems” with you is unscathed, because work must never be done inpain.. ! It must support the development of a person as an individual, regardless of its level of knowledge. We will always be ready to seek evermore and ever better! Our driving force is you! You, ergonomists and health at work professionals around the world! You designers, and architects, manufacturers and distributors who think like us. We make this magazine for you, to promote and share your expertise, analysis, knowledge and experienced feedback, with the largest possible number in Europe and worldwide (thanks to our online readership).

We’ve revamped your magazine to improve the reading rhythm, as more and more of you are exchanging with us at many trade fairs we attend. Summer is coming, and we want it to be the long-awaited moment of renewal.
Thank you Philippe, Michel, Madeleine, Patrick and others… for being part of our project. We will meet again in September. In the meantime, enjoy your reading and have a pleasant summer!