EUROPE Happy New Year 2016 – May your priority be security, education and competitiveness for all Europeans

Europe, why are you functioning so poorly?
Is it because your expansion was too fast, and you did give yourself enough time to better understand the mosaic of cultures from acceding countries?

Because the political leaders of each member country thought they could tactically use Europe with impunity, for the sole purposes of domestic policy, hoping to resolve the illnesses of their own countries.
What image are we conveying of Europe, where each member “CLUB’s” member does not respect the rules? What would be each member of Euro zone country, alone, back to his own currency. Simply and naturally it would suffer the hegemony of the most powerful, it would be absorbed by the stronger: this is called the balkanization, and history has shown us that demon. Today “Europe” house must regain control, we all need to close ranks in front of the violence of external threats. Terrorist threats, economic threats, climate threat. We thought we were untouchable! Reality has caught up with us all. Let’s be stronger, draw and join forces so that those who have suffered have not fallen for nothing. For them, in their memory, for their children and their grandchildren, let’s make the necessary changes and fast! Let us stop politicking, this worldview through the sclerosing wrong end of the telescope. Competitiveness is simmering among some European members, as for the others we must seize it. Obviously nothing will be the same again and it is normal, we are different… other things change, mentalities change.
The learning change, full fledged sectors of activities open, let’s be present. With our diversity we will be stronger: all together, restore luster to Europe, this “plural” Europe which holds its head up high when attacked.