When the light comes…

Modular furnitures, friendly areas, intimate decor… Offices are transformed into places of well-being. Only Ergonoma since its creation, in 2005, 13 years ago, already advocated well-being, comfort, good postures in the office, to end the «office straitjacket».

We knew, thanks to European ergonomists (in the territorial sense) who accompanied us, «human being must move to be well, physically but also mentally.» While France, back then, was dragging its feet corseted by rigidly organized settings, Northern Europe (where we went regularly to observe: Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Benelux, Germany) chose already freedom. Placing the MAN at the center of production activities. Our European neighbors blew up the locks of formatted universes to make room for unexpected and inspiring places. Different spaces allowing you to change your posture and recharge your batteries, thanks to the implementation of collaborative methods, awareness of a sick planet, developement of the «paperless», and massive digital transformation. The «all-digital» has multiplied the possibilities, since we can now work from anywhere. Relationship to the work space is profoundly modified. Usability design and appropriate decoration tend to erase the dichotomy of professional life and personal life, to be discovered throughout the pages of this Ergonoma’s issue.
A new exclusive section: the «Ergonoma Expert Files»: Software at the workplace, or when technologies serve to shape work, a true European «vade mecum» based on validated products… « these technologies help employees to be more efficient, productive, collaborate and innovate simultaneously, use spaces optimally, and access information in a simplified way. » The whole team wishes you a very nice summer and will be happy to meet you in September. Of course, we remain present on a daily basis on ergonoma.com