The Tool Box

Faithful to our tradition of providing answers to your questions as European actors in the economy, in a changing world, Ergonoma Journal devotes several sections to workspaces erected in ecosystems.

The «white paper» sets out measures that preserve the quality of life at work. Innovative products taking into account our health, associated with two Focus, one devoted to the acoustic management of open spaces, and the other dedicated to lighting. A concrete example that allows you to follow step by step the process for the certification of the products of a European company: Office Excellence certifié brand, NF OEC. Three projects designed by Lemay, architecture agency (Canada), recognized for their originality and expertise to foster collaborative work and creative thinking. Without forgetting our usual sections, devoted to healthy workplaces and ergonomics. A reference guide for you to anticipate a successful start. The team of Ergonoma Journal and its Régie Media Réclame wish you a nice
summer to relax and let go, with family, friends or quietly independent. And personally, I will be happy to meet you in the next issue and more often, through the site and on social networks. Your messages are welcome.