Encounter is luxury!

In the business world, as much as in everyday life, What’s more valuable than encounter? The encounter between two colleagues in workplace, may seem biased, but lets not seek elsewhere what is so close to us.

Let’s look at the others.As does the designer, which is to me the most “enlightened” of men. Throughout the pages of this magazine (which in September 2013 will start its 9th year of existence), look at all these creations, made to improve living conditions in the workplace Here there is no “glamor”, only “tools”.

They are the result of “The Encounter” between visionary manufacturers, “the laborious hand”, the analyst, the ergonomist, the prevention specialist, the occupational doctors … etc … and the designer who uses the functional culture to give birth to a usable product. A product which must be intuitive, to avoid micro-stress, effective and “secure”. Just like home furniture, professional furniture should instigate the contact.

Therefore designers must recreate in their imaginary, scenes of working life.The remake of meetings on site he has had while incorporating the evolution of current technology and anticipating its future. Failing to do so will lead to premature obsolescence. This is the true luxury of the Encounter! On behalf of the team that makes Ergonoma Journal, thank you for these wonderful encounters. Lots of happiness, happy meetings, and good vacations is what I wish you all.