The intuition of design

How beautiful was the summer we have just lived, let’s be a little like the Scandinavian who consider their heyday something like a chance that they do not have the right to let go. Let’s remain alert and wide awake. During this great summer, for you, we have scrutinized the World to find these products that may not change the world but still bring a bit of well-being in offices , workshops, in those places where not so long ago working rhymed with suffering.

Ergonoma Journal , real ” technology watch ” for the promotion of ergonomics and well-being at work, has picked the latest trends of designers, architects, manufacturers, distributors and on the eve of the coming on the market of a new seat! One more! say grumpy, But not yet: At last! shall we say, a seat teaching us that together, we have developed nine new positions ! (see front cover) in less than four years.

These inspire, educate, and challenge us ! It only took four years to new information technologies to change our ” Homo Sapiens ” posture. Using a mobile phone, talking with a headset, writing a sms, tapping on a tablet, not being connected by a wire to one’s desk any more, taking a step back and sitting differently because of a new gesture.

It makes us think, because if the new information technologies, as we can see, are born and evolve very quickly, it is unclear whether we should laugh or cry, but aren’t we just surfing on dynamics specific to fashion rather than technological progress, which should be based on the renewal of forms?
Let’s not economize expression and seduction of forms. Let’ be flippant towards the stagnation that some are trying to impose on us: let’s rely on the intuition of design that gives us so much hope for the future.