Vector seats from French Simmis

For over 15 years specializing in the manufacture of office chairs, French Simmis offers specific ranges meeting most needs for different positions in the company.

Vector seats, French design and manufacture, are made ​​in the Mazamet factory with the best seating components tested and approved , made mostly upon quality assurance certificate ISO 900 – ISO 9001 – ISO 9002 , and responding to the new European Standards EN 1335 1 – 2 – 3, etc. , French NF D 61040 -1-2-3 , German DIN 4551 – LGA – GS, American BIFMA X5 , Italian CATAS LGS 626 etc …

The Vector range features the latest technologies in terms of comfort and ergonomics with the use of components and mechanisms of last generation. This very comprehensive range offers at the same time seats on beam as executive, operator , workshop , 24h/24h, or meeting chairs.

Coverings: leather or textile offered by Simmis but with the possibility of using one’s own coating.