The Vitra Club Office, the future of corporate work?

Those who choose to go to the office now and in the future do so consciously. To meet colleagues and feel a sense of belonging and appreciation. The common mission and the organizational purpose must be visible. Therefore, it needs to be more than just a workplace. If an office has no character and colleagues are hiding from each other, it is better to save travel and stay at home.

It is with this surprising sentence that Nora Fehlbaum, CEO of Vitra, starts the presentation of Club Office. Club Office is the new office concept from Vitra, the Swiss designer office manufacturer. The office that must convince employees to come and use it.

Club Office is an office concept accompanied by a range of innovative and flexible office furniture. A concept designed for the post-pandemic era, when the office should be more than just a workplace.

Spotlight on the fruit of a very successful reflection on the place of work in the office today and the range of modern and innovative furniture that goes with it. A range presented this June 2021 at the company’s headquarters in Basel.

Be part of a club rather than having to come to the office

“I like the idea of the club. We started from the realization that people are willing to spend a lot of energy and time on behalf of a certain topic or cause. They then meet other enthusiasts to feel a sense of connection and strive for a common goal. “

For Nora Fehlbaum, this idea was the primary inspiration that spawned the club. A club where like-minded employees intentionally come together to profit from the common pursuit of corporate goals.

To further motivate employees to come to the office, the Swiss manufacturer has announced the release of a range of furniture accompanying the bespoke concept.

The Alcove sofa

Developed by Vitra in conjunction with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the Alcove sofa had already been presented in 2006. A prototype already recognizable among miles, with its backrest and extra-high side panels.

From now on, Vitra and the Bouroullec brothers have collaborated to expand the collection, as part of the Club Office range. Leveraging the sofa’s ability to create room within the room.

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The new Alcove Plus system takes this idea even further: the furniture becomes a separating element with numerous configuration options.

Vitra Soft Work

Soft Work est autant adapté aux interactions qu’aux tâches individuelles ciblées. Avec Soft Work, Edward Barber et Jay Osgerby traduisent l’idée de « travailler de n’importe où » en un système de canapés modulaires pour le lieu de travail.

An object that combines the characteristics of a sofa with the functionality and ergonomics required in working environments. Practical table surfaces, sockets and charging stations …

It provides all the technical functions necessary for work activities. While promoting a correct sitting position.

Vitra Dancing Wall

The “dancing wall” is actually a white mobile partition that allows you to modulate the workspace. While bringing a reflection of natural light.

Product already present in the brand’s catalog. But that was added options when it arrived in the club catalog. Like videoconferencing screens with discreet cable management and flipchart stands.

The ID chair concept

Developed with Antonio Citterio, the ID Chair concept is highly configurable and mobile. The collection also stands out with its colorful range of colors.

The concept and the Vitra Club Office range pass the Ergonoma test with flying colors. A concept born from a successful reflection on post-pandemic work. Reflection complemented by a range of ergonomic and design products, purists will appreciate.