Nouhaus Ergo3D: an affordable ergonomic office chair

The search for performance that meets ergonomics is a funny but nonetheless real development that we have been witnessing in recent months. The subject of ergonomic chairs has been taken up by gamers, these competitive video game players. Spending up to 12 hours a day challenging in front of screens, all the time seeking improvement. They naturally turned to ergonomic chairs first. But they’ve also gone further, constantly pushing to test ever more comfortable products. Like the X-HMT by X-Chair for example, the chair that massages its user!

Competition is fierce and overbidding is the order of the day. But ergonomics fans are in for a treat, as they keep testing high-end products. Like the Nouhaus Ergo3D, the latest ergonomic chair from the Californian brand.

A design that reminds that gamers, too, are part of the commercial targets. But is this transcribed at the level of well-being? For the brand and it is an office chair that “goes beyond ergonomics”.

For the manufacturer, it’s so comfortable it’ll make you “forget you’re working.” Let’s go to the grill this magnificent ergonomic chair to find out if the lyrical flights of the brand on its website are justified.

Ergonomics present from the wheels

Beyond its attractive design (and its 4 available colors: dark burgundy, shiny blue, silver gray and black coffee) the Nouhaus Ergo3D provides a feeling of well-being from the first minutes of use. Ergonomics are present in every element of the seat.

First, it has 5 wheels borrowed from rollerblades. Thinner than those usually used by other models, they allow faster and more fluid movement.

These 5 wheels are held by an aluminum chair base. This base is connected to the seat by a hydraulic pump. A significant asset when it comes to evaluating the comfortable side of the Ergo3D.

The seat is also equipped with a “Waterfall” edge. The scientifically curved bottom of the chair reduces the pressure on the thighs. Tempting you might say, but still little compared to the rest.

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Support for elbows and back

Big advantage of Ergo3D, the maintenance of the lumbar zone. It features a curved mesh fabric extension supported by a pivot. What the company calls “smart support”. Thus, the removable support accompanies all movements in this area by relieving pressure points.

The armrests are 3 or 4D depending on the source. That is, they are movable in more directions than normal. This ensures the user an optimal position during work. Even if a little adaptation time is necessary, the added value is quickly felt.

Finally, the Ergo3D has a fully adjustable headrest, which also contributes to the well-being experience. Adjustable in height to provide support for your head or neck. It can be tilted to an angle suited to the user’s needs.

Some criticisms

Finally, it should be noted that the Ergo3D, despite its high-end ambition, has not escaped some criticism. First of all, there are many feedbacks that point to the lack of padding on the seat.

This makes the experience of the lower back, below the lumbar region, unpleasant. In addition, the height and inclination settings are not optimal. A reduced incline helps maintain posture, some will respond. Up to you.

Even if areas for improvement have been mentioned, the Ergo3D is undoubtedly at the top of the range of ergonomic chairs. The price is around 315 dollars, or just over 257 euros.

A very good product, but one which, honestly, is surpassed by some competitors in terms of value for money.