EOL, probably what the French do the best in ergonomics

Ergonoma continues its journey in the world of ergonomic office furniture manufacturers. But after having, like Tintin, traveled to countries of northern Europe, to United States and more recently to the Spanish Basque Country, it was appropriate to return home a little. To find out what our beautiful country has to offer in terms of ergonomic office furniture.

And it is clear that French companies have established themselves by presenting more than interesting product lines. Like EOL, which has been designing and manufacturing (entirely in France) office furniture for over 30 years.

A company that offers a full range of ergonomic office furniture (desks, collaborative desks, storage, etc.) but above all stands out with its values and its way of operating.

Customer satisfaction, but also eco-responsible commitment and production with recycled materials. Zoom on a major player in ergonomic office furniture which carries the colors of France.

Strong values and an eco-responsible commitment

To design and manufacture its catalog of ergonomic office furniture, EOL relies on strong values. Its philosophy is based on 3 pillars.

First, particular care is taken for the well-being of users. Prerequisite to exist in a universe where Human is at the center of priorities

Then comes the search for quality, with more than 80% of the range certified NF-Office Excellence Certified. This standard is the assurance of technical excellence and a real progress approach based on respect.

Finally, innovation, with continuous adaptation of the product and service offer.

Eco-responsible commitments are also at the heart of the group’s strategy. EOL has been engaged for several years in its transition to sustainable development.

30 actions are already underway to develop this eco-responsible approach.

Initiatives of all kinds, such as manufacturing that uses less energy and materials, or refusing to use chromium in manufacturing processes.

Finally, the pride of place is given to recycled products, a source reaching 100% of the materials used in certain ranges, such as Solange acoustic panels. In any case, the design and elegance of the products do not suffer from these ethical efforts.

Cloisons Solange – © Eol Group

Everything available to achieve optimal quality

EOL doesn’t just don the hats of designer and distributor of ergonomic office furniture. It also provides its clients with consultants to support them throughout the implementation of their project.

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The catalog is divided into 5 main categories all made up of fully modular products.

  • Reception and lounge areas (waiting rooms at the entrance to companies)
  • Then come the unique workspaces, with executive and collaborative offices, partitions, storage and sanitary protection equipment.
  • Meeting and community spaces. With meeting tables, multi-use tables but also flat spaces specially dedicated to project management.
  • The seats, grouping together the ergonomic seats and chairs.
  • All the accessory and connection part. The accessories catalog includes decorative plants, but also lighting, supports and everything related to signage.
Banquette modulable Zelie – © Eol Group

Perhaps the flagship product of EOL is the Zelie Lounge area (made from 100% recyclable materials).

Its geometric shapes, wide range of finishes, charging stations and wheels allow personalized configurations. In order to make the space unique.

EOL, with its 30 years of experience and its range of design and elegant products, carries the colors of France high in the world of ergonomic office furniture.

In addition, with its strong commitments to respect the environment, the company definitely has nothing to envy of its Scandinavian counterparts.