Ergonomic chair with 11 adjustments and features

About IC2® 7300 Series: by Nightingale

The IC2® is a high-performance seating solution for the long term.

It’s designed with ultra-breathable mesh and perfectly balanced with smooth adjustments.

The IC2® is built to challenge the ergonomic and comfort standards with its stunning light-weight, elegant, and functional design. An intelligent chair, perfectly balanced for an exceptionally smooth ride. Lightweight and elegantly functional in multiple applications, this series sets ergonomic and comfort standards that are second to none.

The IC2 7300 Nightingale is 95% recyclable.

Upholstered models come standard with energy-absorbing ENERSORB ™ seat foam, which conforms to the body and disperses weight ergonomically.

IC2® chair has been awarded 2019 German Design Award for “Excellent Product Design.”