To attract the best: Unit 2 Games chooses Yo-Yo DESK

Global competition for best software developers is consistently high. Companies operating in the new technology industry know they must do their best to attract and retain employees. As in all professions, productivity and retention are the keys to business success. A healthy workforce is also a happy workforce. Savvy employers know that providing the best possible workplace is a profitable investment over time.

Adjustable worktops

One of the important points to attract and offer employees a healthy environment is an adjustable work surface. It is increasingly becoming the norm.

Proof of this is Unit 2 Games ®. An award-winning independent game studio. Based in Leamington Spa, near Birmingham, UK. He is one of the pioneers of this approach.

From day one, every staff member was assigned the offer of an electric sit-stand desk from Sit-Stand.Com ®.

For Richard Smithies this is obvious. «In this competitive field, qualified people are in high demand and can choose where they want to work.»

«We give every staff member a Yo-Yo DeskPro ® electric desk because we know the importance of a healthy workplace.»

He carries on, «fully electric sit-stand desk is easily adjustable. It is quick and likely to be used correctly rather than a manually operated version. It is for these particular reasons we chose the DeskPro ®. »

As the CEO explains, Sit-Stand.Com ® offices are an essential part of a healthy work environment. Thus allowing the company to support the well-being and performance of its employees in a highly competitive industry.

«Taking care of my staff is a top priority», he explains. «The Yo-Yo DeskPro ® sit-stand desks were literally the first thing I bought when I started this company.»

He says, «As a software company, we are at the forefront of everything we do. Sit-stand desks are a must for us. They help provide the best working environment while supporting the health and well-being of our employees.»

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Much more than an office

Sit-Stand.Com ® includes a user manual with every sit-stand desk purchase. This manual explains why and how to use the product.

Users also have access to short expert videos. Tutorials on stretching, physiotherapy and yoga… And are encouraged to move while using their desk. All with the aim of maximizing the benefits of active work

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In order to relieve and prevent fatigue of joints and muscles Sit-Stand.Com ®, offers several accessories. For example, most users associate their height-adjustable desk with an anti-fatigue mat. Others on an oscillating board. These two accessories are of course available via Sit-Stand.Com ® website.

With its European commercial presence (Germany), the company wants to ensure that users fully understand the practices behind the theory of sit-stand work.

A British Leader

The company, the UK’s leading supplier of sit-stand desks, isn’t just about selling. It also offers client companies a tailor-made training seminar for staff.

The seminars are currently broadcast as a video tutorial. This allows a large number of employees to familiarize themselves with good practices. And above all to understand the importance of breaking sedentary habits.

The numbers prove it. The use of sit-stand desks is four times higher after participating in a Sit-Stand.Com® expert training session. The training sessions are offered by the non-profit organization Active Working ®.

Mr Smithies, director of Unit 2 Games ®, explains his reasoning to us. «A large number of our staff use sit-stand desks, a new working environment has emerged. It has now become a standard within our group.»

For the manager, training is a major asset. «The Sit-Stand.Com® seminar really helped us to explain how to best use our offices and for what benefit. This has allowed our team to acquire the best practices of active work on a daily basis.»

For Gavin Bradley, Managing Director of Sit-Stand.Com ®:

The importance of active working has risen right to the top of the agenda for the best employers. Staff are now starting to demand specialist office equipment that enables them to improve their health as they work. I am proud that we are able to encourage and support the workplace revolution.

Demand for sit-stand desks has exploded dramatically since the pandemic. Mainly because of the number of employees who recognize the health benefits.

Including the need to increase activity levels when working from home.

With the restrictions of moving freely, this is an obvious way to improve health at a time when the possibilities.