Halton and LED Tailor, new hope against germs in hospitals

For once, this isn’t COVID 19 we’re going to talk about. But of an evil that could prove to be just as dangerous in the future. Nosocomial infections in hospitals. Caused by the proliferation of viruses and bacteria increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Nosocomial infections cause around 37,000 deaths and 16 million additional hospital days each year in Europe.

According to the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), 81,089 patients in European hospitals struggle with one of these infections on a daily basis.

With a treatment cost ranging from 344,000 to 420,000 euros per case. And the number of infections is increasing, as bacteria are increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

A miraculous product?

The alarm bell should therefore be sounded. This is what the World Health Assembly tried to do in May 2015, with a global action plan on antimicrobial resistance. Health product professionals have also seized on the problem.

Halton, the world leader in premium ventilation solutions for businesses has partnered with LED Tailor to integrate its blue light disinfection system that kills microbes into its product line.

The 2 companies are announcing a product whose performance is unrivaled on the market. And which promises to be a big step forward in the disinfection of hospitals.

Antibiotic resistance, innovation for operating rooms, disinfection blue  light

First convincing tests

Halton rapid photon disinfection technology is therefore integrated into Halton ventilation systems. The first feedback is very encouraging. As after the first tests with a device combining Tailor LED technology inside Halton’s Vita OR Space system.

Microbes are automatically destroyed, including Staphylococcus aureus (golden), a major source of infections. A noticeable reduction in bacteria is seen within 4 to 12 hours.

Towards a more effective fight against nosocomial infections?

“I am very happy with the cooperation with LED Tailor and to be able to bring this innovation to operating situation in hospitals. We want to help hospitals fight against antibiotic resistance, which is a major issue for them. The blue light from disinfection kills germs on hard-to-reach surfaces with a traditional cleaning method. The system is configured so that the disinfection mode is automatically activated when the room is not occupied. Integrated general lighting further reduces the need for multiple systems and saves space for medical facilities. “

Infections nosocomiales : une nouvelle bactérie en cause - Top Santé

For Sami Ahonen, head of sales and marketing at Halton, the opportunity created by this partnership is unique.

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The same goes for the heads of LED Tailor. “I am delighted to make our technology for Halton products available now,” said Harri Rautio, CEO of LED Tailor.

This is not the first time that a lighting solution has been used as a disinfectant. Hospital wards, for example, have been using UV-C rays for over a century now.

In September 2020, Boston-based GE Current even released a lamp using this technology to fight COVID 19. Photon disinfection technology is more advanced.

It is therefore less likely to be democratized, while professionals using UV-C implore public authorities to help with the massive implementation of their technology. But if it can fight effectively against nosocomial infections, a major future potential scourge, it will already be a big step. To be continued …