GE Current launches the lamp that fights COVID 19

GE Current, the Boston-based General Electric great-granddaughter, has just announced the launch of a product line that is sure to cause a stir in the media. Lamps that kill COVID 19, as well as all viruses and germs. How is this possible? Using UV-C technology for its ceiling lamps combined with UV-A strip bulbs.

Basically a light that produces ultra-violet rays that eliminate all disease. Even though the elimination of viruses by this technology has been recognized by the largest institutions since 1910, some professionals call for vigilance. Especially concerning other effects. Decryption.

365DisInFx UV lamps, for disinfection

This is indeed the name given to the new line of anti-COVID lighting products launched by GE Current. Specifically, germicidal solid-state lighting (SSL). All the products in the range consist of ceiling lamps with UV-C technology and luminaires with UV-A strip which can deactivate pathogens for hours. They are disinfectant lights, not producing illuminating light for the human eye. Finally, the range is called 365DisInFex because it allows “continuous disinfection”.

Proven technology that remains controversial

“UV-C” are ultraviolet rays with a wavelength between 280 and 100 nanometers. They are supposed to be harmless, unlike UV-A and UV-B, whose stronger emissions can cause skin cancer. Artificially produced UV-C have been used successfully as bactericides and germicides since the beginning of the 20th century, especially in hospitals.

The problem ? According to LEDs magazine, there could be several. The fight against germs is maximized with a wavelength of 250–280 nm. With higher potency, it becomes dangerous for the skin. What can happen in the event of a product design error. And according to the American magazine, there are “far too many poorly designed and dangerous UV-C products that have been rushed into the market.” Finally, it is noted that no one has yet been able to access the product data sheet. Technology to be clearly handled with care.

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Not the opinion of professionals in the sector

Professionals in the sector, represented by their lobby, LightingEurope, do not hear it that way. And even plan to unite their efforts to develop UV-C technology, particularly with regulators. So that they are more and more integrated into lighting renovation plans. “Our challenge is to shift the perception of the UV-C regulator beyond special applications to consumer solutions for buildings and transport, where the concentration of human activity increases the risk of contamination. Our goal is to educate authorities and the market on the industry guidelines and standards already in place and to promote uptake of UV-C solutions, “says its president Lionel Brunet.

Although some people point out the dangers of uncontrolled use of UV rays as well as the manufacturing defects of certain products, all opinions are unanimous on at least one point. UV-C technology is proving to be the most efficient on the market when it comes to disinfecting public places. Installation by professionals who have previously selected reliable products. Under these conditions, let’s get ready to come across disinfectant lamps with UV-C technology throughout our wanderings in public places. It is at this price that COVID will be defeated.