Nawo Live, innovation against MSDs

MSDs (or musculoskeletal disorders) have been talked about for a long time. According to French Ministry of Labor, MSDs include a set of diseases localized at or around the joints: wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine or knees. As they are often caused by pressure points or repetitive strain, when they manifest themselves in ordinary people, it is almost always work-related.

A topic that is taken more and more seriously, evidenced by the many innovations on the subject. Just Like Nawo Live, a comprehensive and highly technological tool for assessing ergonomic risks. Overview of this great innovation in risk prevention.

The Nawo Live software, how does it work

Nawo Live is ergonomic risk management software. It is therefore accessible on PC or tablet. It makes it possible to automatically quantify the postural risks that can lead to MSDs and to objectively standardize ergonomic studies. But how does it work ? There are 3 stages:

Auditing: sensors are placed on the worker in full performance of his task. Sensors similar to those placed on professional football players to reproduce them in video games. The operator’s work is then reproduced and recorded on a virtual mannequin enriched with ergonomic and biomechanical indicators. Using motion capture technology, they calculate pressure points on the body. The results are then reconstructed using a 3D reconstruction of the movement, visible on the screen. All to make sure that no risk of MSDs has been ruled out. To get an idea for yourself, you might as well discover how it works in video.

Activity analysis: Ergonomic analyzes are recorded to conduct in-depth, post-acquisition studies. NAWO Live makes it possible to identify the technical actions of the activities, the loads, the exposure times, the zones of attack to refine the study of the professional activity. Nawo Live provides real-time ergonomic indicators, as well as exercise identification data and duration of exposure. Its rating grid is customizable.

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An ergonomic report, which consists of: an analytical dashboard, a complete mapping of workstations, musculoskeletal stresses as well as the level of criticality. Following the ergonomic analysis, it is automatically generated to document and map the arduousness of workstations. The ergonomic interpretation is automated. This makes it possible to provide clear and concise indicators. Which will later allow an improvement in working conditions.

A tool for large HSE departments

You will understand, Nawo Live is not useful for most people. On the other hand, it is very useful for the HSE (Health Safety Environment) departments of companies. As a reminder, an HSE department aims to reduce risks at work (accident, occupational disease, pollution, etc.) while increasing the quality of products and services. This type of service plays a major role, especially in industrial companies. Nawo Live is an instrument allowing them to not neglect any risk while standardizing the risk management policy. Note that no opinion is available on the web, only a customer testimonial on the Nawo site which underlines, in addition to the ease of implementing a common method, the “record time” taken by the operation.

Nawo Live gives rise to an implacable observation: the fight against MSDs in “at-risk” professions is at the height of technology. It is therefore reasonable that the fight against the other causes of MSDs (those caused by office work, a situation experienced by a majority of us) should one day see the fallout from these innovations. To beat MSDs forever …