Microsoft: breaks to improve the well-being of teleworkers

Remote working has gradually imposed itself in our lives. And it is clear that after some reluctance, most of those concerned began to appreciate the benefits. However, negative points were raised. Like digital overload and the increase in meetings. Which, according to some first studies, would be a major source of stress. Often leading to employees burnout as studies shows Fully remote workers are now experiencing more burnout than on-site workers.

To overcome this situation, Microsoft offers its users, through its Outlook e-mail application, to include breaks in their schedule. And even goes a step further with colleague thank-you features, to promote communication and boost employee confidence.

Because make no mistake, working conditions at home are serious matters. This has even earned some companies convictions for breaches of working conditions. While waiting for legislation in all countries, quick overview of an application that will improve the well-being of workers away from the office.

Working from home, conditions to be taken seriously

Microsoft is supporting the launch of this novelty with an in-depth study of remote working conditions. And the conclusion is clear: “the increase in remote work is jeopardizing our well-being”.

Two factors to this. Digital overload, that is, too long working time without enough break time. And the increase in meetings, which by nature increases the stress.

To make matters worse, some companies seem to have taken advantage of remote work to “tighten the screws” with their employees a little too much. Like Amazon, currently court cases for depriving its employees of break time.

It is on this basis that Microsoft presented these two new features. The possibility of staking break times in your agenda and thanking your employees.

Scheduled break times

Outlook now allows you to set some break times in your diary. Thus, the employer will be able to define break times automatically for all of his employees. But, obviously, everything is customizable.

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You can of course define the break time but also if they are scheduled at the beginning or at the end of meetings, for example. Employees will also have the option of extending or shortening their break time. Allowing some “personal times” between the switch from one meeting to another

Viva, to share positive vibes with colleagues

In adition to the time break functionality, Microsoft is launching Viva, a platform dedicated to the well-being of employees. It is integrated into Teams, Microsoft’s application for accessing conference calls.

To overcome the stress generated by all activities performed remotely, Viva offers several features. Like a “reflection” feature, which allows you to take the time to analyze your daily life.

As part of this release, the firm from Mountain View added a functionality allowing you to praise your colleagues. The idea is to create habits of sharing gratitude digitaly. This is supposed to generate better collaboration and greater recognition of the work accomplished.

Microsoft intends to break the increases in stress and create a virtuous circle of positive waves. “We hope that these features will help create better results and a healthier working environment for your employees and your organization for years to come,” says the Corporate Communications Manager in the Work Trend Index magazine.

Microsoft’s new applications are not only intended to increase employee well-being. They also make it possible to set common rules between them and management. In order to avoid any misunderstanding that could lead to resentment.

It seems that for Microsoft, the key to happiness in this “new normality” time,is enough break time and more positive communication with colleagues. Something clearly relevent in both educational and professional sectors.