Monitor arms, articulated arms or screen holders: one product, many advantages

More freedom, more comfort…and therefore more productivity

Monitor arms have been a popular accessory for people working with a desktop computer. They allow you to hold monitors at an ergonomic height and distance for optimal viewing and are highly recommended to prevent neck and back pain as well. There are several types of monitor arms on the market, such as table mount arms and wall mount arms. Table mount arms are the most common and can be adjusted in height and distance, while wall mount arms save space on the desk.

Following its recent participation in the Workspace Expo, Ergonoma Journal brings you the latest products on the market.

FELLOWS articulated arms give free rein to your productivity

Fellowes’ Tallo™ line

The FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award was granted to this product in 2022, recognizing its exceptional ergonomics. That’s because Fellowes’ Tallo™ line of screen arms offer an intuitive and dynamic adjustment, allowing you to instantly reposition your screen. The arms rotate 360° and can be locked at 180° to prevent collision with walls or partitions. Installation is easy with the VESA plate that easily removes and snaps into place. The modern, sophisticated design with stylish finishes includes an integrated cable management system to keep your workstation neat and tidy. The Tallo line offers Single, Double and Triple articulating arms.

Bakker Elkhuizen, So many different types of screen arms

 Filex Galaxy

When working on video editing or writing articles, the use of two screens brings undeniable comfort. The windows can be arranged over the entire work surface, saving a lot of time. The Filex Galaxy Flex monitor arm from Bakker Elkhuizen promises some interesting features, with modular arms that can rotate 180 degrees on all joints and a quick transition between portrait and landscape mode. The manufacturing at Bakker Elkhuizen is based on sustainable and 98% recyclable materials.

Offirex Monitor Arm USBARM, gas spring and 2 USB ports

Offirex Monitor Arm USBARM

This monitor arm from Finland manufacturer Offirex allows easy adjustment of the vertical and horizontal angle to avoid annoying reflections of light. Even more, the gas elevator of the Monitor Arm USBARM allows it to be adjusted up or down with the fingertips. Another special feature of this arm is the two convenient USB ports located at the base of the arm, which allow you to charge a cell phone, transfer data or connect a mouse or keyboard.

SELECT and SELECT PLUS monitor stands by DURABLE,

Select Plus by Durable

Among the new products by Durable, Select range for one monitor and Select plus for two monitors offers optimum flexibility and a fastening system that includes a clamp and a cable gland. The monitor stand allows you to work ergonomically by easily adjusting the height, tilt and orientation of your monitor(s). The 90° screen orientation allows for portrait or landscape use, while the gas spring system allows for effortless positioning in the desired position. This mount is compatible with screens from 17 to 32 inches (43.2 to 81.3 cm) weighing up to 8 kg and features a universal VESA mount (75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm).

Durable’s exhibits at Orgatec 2022: TABLE and TABLE CLAMP

The TABLE and TABLE CLAMP mounts allow you to easily position the screen at your workstation, while the FLOOR mount is ideal for trade shows, lobbies or stores. For point of sale, the WALL wall mount serves as a presentation stand, while the WALL ARM swivel wall mount offers a flexible solution for multiple workstations.

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Each of these models has a clean design, offers flexible positioning and is adjustable to fit any size shelf. They can be swiveled, tilted and locked in the desired position, and are equipped with an anti-theft system. Like other Durable wall mounts, charging cables and other cables can be discreetly guided and, depending on the model, placed in a specific cable channel.


FLO, the screen arm by Herman and Miller

As dynamic and intuitive as the technology it supports

Flo, by Hermann and Miller

Herman & Miller‘s “award-winning” Flo articulating arm allows you not only to adjust the position of your monitor, but keeps also the screen exactly where you want it, without taking the time to tighten it. The patented technology gives you great range of motion and quick, intuitive control, providing the perfect position to support everyone’s eyes, even those who might wear progressive lens.

Humanscale, An unparalleled customization

M/FLEX FOR M2.1 M8.1 AND M10

M/FLEX FOR M2.1 M8.1 AND M10

The M/Flex by Humanscale is one of the most versatile multi-display mounting systems on the market, offering a load capacity of up to 6 displays weighing up to 9 kg each. By freeing your work surface from the clutter of screens, the M/Flex by Humanscale allows you to maintain the appearance of your office while maximizing the space available. Plus, with its 180-degree removable stop, this mounting system also protects walls and panels from any scratches or damage.

ERGOTRON, when technology follows you around

LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm 

LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm 

40 years ago, in 1982, Ergotron founder Harry Seweer obtained patents on some of the first ergonomic tilt brackets and mounting arms. His legacy lives on with the LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm. Designed for side-by-side or low-angle screen views, the LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm frees up your desk. Its sleek construction and clean look dramatically improve your workspace. You can take a break at any time and simply fold your arms to the side.

VARIDESK, flexible workspace solutions

Dual-Monitor Arm by VARIDEX

With a range of fully articulated positions, the Dual-Monitor Arm by VARIDEX is perfect for optimal ergonomic use. It is a VESA compatible mount (75x75mm and 100x100mm) and is ideally suited for screens up to 27″ (68,5 cm) in 16:9 format.

Newstar innovates with Neomounts

The Neomounts FPMA-D935POLE70 has three bending points and can accommodate screens up to 76cm, with a maximum weight capacity of 10kg. It is compatible with screens meeting the VESA 75×75 and 100x100mm standard, and can cover different hole patterns with the Neomounts by Newstar VESA adapter plates.

Dataflex’s Viewlite monitor mount, designed to meet the challenges of tomorrow

According to Dataflex, Viewlite was specifically designed to meet the needs of the changes to come. Underneath its sleek, minimalist appearance is a sophisticated design that combines outstanding ergonomics with exceptional strength and durability, not to mention Dataflex’s attention to detail and commitment to the environment. The modular system of the Viewlite monitor stand, with its light weight, offers a wide variety of solutions, depending on your specific needs, thus promoting a healthier, happier and more productive work environment.

Viewlite by Dataflex

By Mounira Tyal