Ergonomic stools, Dynamic seating, freedom of movement

Ergonomic stools are designed to provide optimal support for your body while you work or sit, which can reduce the pain and fatigue you typically experience after long periods of sitting. Dynamic sitting allows the intervertebral discs to load and unload in a natural way. This promotes the supply of nutrients to the intervertebral discs, which has a positive influence on the entire spine. In addition, dynamic sitting increases blood circulation, not only in the body, but also in the brain

Ergonomic stools are different from traditional stools. Traditional stools require you to sit with your legs at 90 degrees and your back straight, which is not the natural posture of the human body. Ergonomic stools, on the other hand, allow you to sit in a more open and relaxed position, allowing your body to remain in motion while sitting.

Backapp Smart by Backup, kidneys in full swing

Backapp Smart

The Backapp Smart stool is an improved version of the original Backapp, designed by Dr. Freddy Johnsen to provide a very comfortable sitting experience. You sit with your feet on a footrest padded with soft cushioning material, which allows for an ergonomic sitting posture. The stool, to encourage a gentle oscillating movement that stimulates the back and stomach muscles, helping to improve posture and reduce fatigue. This movement is caused by the constant search for balance, which stimulates the muscles that support the spine. The Backapp Smart stool offers a unique experience, allowing its users to feel better while working; as one user testifies: “I have often felt as if my spine was breathing when I sit on the Backapp stool in front of my PC.  The feeling that the lower back takes the same natural position as when standing” (see Field Trial Finland 2017 scientific study). The base of the Backapp stools is made of 100% recycled aluminum (300 Coca-Cola cans). Most of the production and all assembly is done in Anderstorp, Sweden, the manufacturer’s headquarters.


The stool that keeps you in motion

AERIS SWOPPER a dynamic seat thanks to 3D ergonomics. Created in 1997, it has evolved with new technologies and still surprises us. A true “health asset” Aeris Swopper has become famous for its elegant design and its true Aeris 3D technology. This stool follows the user’s movements in all three directions: forward, sideways and even vertically, providing a dynamic and ergonomic sitting experience. Through its vertical swinging motion or “Swopping”, similar to walking or running, the intervertebral discs are effectively nourished and relieved. Instead of a backrest, the strong muscles support the back, which helps reduce tension and promotes a better mood. It follows you and your body, not the other way around, and thus supports intuitive movements. The new swopper was on display at the Ergonoma journal stand at the last Workspace expo in Paris.

Aeris Swopper at Ergonoma Journal’s Stand Workspace Expo Paris 2023

ONGO, for active postures at all times

The ONGO ergonomic stool has been our favorite since its creation in 2010 by Eberhard Lenz. This ergonomic stool is designed to strengthen the back muscles and encourage movement even when sitting. With the ONGO sit-stand balance stool, you can sit comfortably while staying active. The rounded leg allows the stool to follow your every movement, activating your muscles and increasing blood circulation. The ball in the foot provides discreet and audible feedback when there is a change in the stool’s tilt, allowing you to lean in any direction. The ONGO ergonomic stool is an ideal solution for those looking to improve their posture and health while working while seated.


ALTUA SOKOA Round Sit-Stand Stool


100% French made, the ALTUA stool from SOKOA, with height adjustment, is designed for a dynamic work experience, offering the possibility to easily alternate between sitting and standing. With its square, round or triangular shape, the stool’s seat is upholstered in fabric available in a variety of colors to suit all tastes and office styles. The circular black plastic base is very stable and incorporates a metal cone to allow the structure to swing. For a touch of elegance, a leather strap activates the lift and movement of the stool. Whether you need to work sitting or standing, the ALTUA stool is a comfortable and practical choice for your workspace.

BALLO, the ultimate by Humanscale

Ballo stool by Humanscale

The Ballo stool, created in collaboration with Don Chadwick, is a versatile tool to encourage movement and increase your participation when working at home or in the office. Its compact center column and lightweight air domes provide ergonomic support and allow for easy, spontaneous use.
With Ballo, productivity becomes fun, making it an ideal choice for collaboration and short sitting assignments. Made of non-slip TPV, this stool is durable and easy to clean. Weighing only 20 pounds, it’s easy to store and transport as needed.
Plus, the Net Positive certification certifies that every Ballo product actively contributes to offsetting climate damage. With Ballo, you can be both productive and environmentally friendly.

With UPis1 110U from Interstuhl, Keep moving

UPis1 110 ba Interstuhl

UPis1 110U ba Interstuhl is a multifunctional stool designed to bring mobility to your daily routine. It follows its owner to spontaneous discussions, workshops, meetings and brainstorming sessions, keeping the user mobile and the agenda flexible. With its unique shape and bright colors, UPis1 110 offers an active alternative to the traditional task chair, encouraging a healthy change in the office.

B-Free Sit Stand by Steelcase, always more freedom

B-Free Sit Stand by Steelcase

Steelcase has released a family of playful B-Free Sit Stand stools, suitable for formal or informal use: to sit or rest your feet, to chat with a colleague in an office or to relax during a break. The concept of this product is based on the idea that the best innovations are often born informally, in places where people meet and exchange ideas, such as cafeterias or company corridors. B-Free Sit Stand belongs to the product groups Seats, Swivel stools, Swivel base, Tension fabric seat, Upholstered seat, Backless, Armless, Height adjustable, Plastic, Plastic base…and is part of the LOUNGE SEATING collection.

se:fit by SEDUS, Stool and buttock support…up to you

se:fit by SEDUS

By using the se:fit chair, users can benefit from an active and dynamic posture that can help reduce pain associated with prolonged sitting and improve concentration and productivity. It provides comfortable and dynamic seating or support, and can be used in a variety of locations such as desks, benches, or any other workspace where versatile seating is required. It can be infinitely adjusted to accommodate a variety of postures and movements, and is easily transported from one location to another.

By Mounira Tyal