Change your lifestyle during working hours

In its April 4, 2023 issue, Ergonoma.com presented a few different desk risers, recommended to ensure a certain well-being at work and to fight against sedentary lifestyle. In the same spirit, we are now presenting to you height-adjustable tables. This concept of ergonomic office is obviously designed to encourage you to change your position at work. Sitting for long hours is the cause of many illnesses. Indeed, leg cramps, back pain, risk of obesity or heart problems, all result from a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why, by arranging the work space with an adjustable ergonomic desk, you can prevent these risks and especially improve your well-being and productivity.


There are several types of adjustable desks. The manual height adjustable desk with a crank, the pressure adjustable desk with a gas cartridge inserted in the base and the electric height adjustable desk. These adjustments allow you to adjust the height of the table top according to your height and your desired position. Thus, you optimize your comfort and can work at ease.  

Here are some examples:

Desk Four, a table for universal use 

Yassaa, a young Swiss company, specializes in height-adjustable desks and offers a wide range of electric desks.


It is a table that has many functions: telecommuting desk, dining table, work desk or meeting desk. Its folding or integrated control element includes a display and a memory function for intuitive height adjustment. Four motors and special corner braces ensure maximum stability and robustness. In addition, there is a reliable collision detection system. You can go from a height of 69cm to 118cm in a matter of seconds depending on your comfort needs.

Let’s keep on talking about ergonomic adjustable desks.

The gku difference

The Sit & Stand gk

The gku™ sit-stand desk is considered a high quality product in manually adjustable ergonomic desks, considering its price, which remains affordable (Dollars $312) . The gku™ adjustable desk comes with universal lockable wheels that allow it to be moved with great flexibility of movement. The frame is made of sturdy steel and the surface made of scratch-resistant PVC. The gas-lock system allows the height of the workstation to be adjusted in a stable manner. Simply press the two side handles up or down, then release the handles to lock in the desired height between 28.7″ and 42.9″ (730 to 1090 mm).

SMART by Makiba, Efficient and complete

SMART by Makiba

With the beginning of telecommuting, the French manufacturer Makiba, CSR label, has adapted professional solutions dedicated to the general public, including the Smart sit-stand desk. An ergonomic, connected, eco-designed and above all made in France office furniture. SMART by Makiba is made with the new generation of Danish LINAK motorization in 220 V, with less risk of breakdowns and less electromagnetic emissions. With the double impulse system, you can raise or lower your desk automatically, and with the INTUITIVE control you can easily control your desk from your smartphone while memorizing your favorite positions. From an aesthetic point of view, Smart is designed with a beautiful wooden top and a solid metal structure.

We can’t mention Makiba without mentioning Harry, the 100% upcycled desk. Made from materials from the circular economy, HARRY has the particularity of being light and only a few seconds are needed to assemble it, without tools. It can be placed anywhere (on a desk or a table) to work standing up and the trays are adjustable in height to fit all sizes. When seated, it can be used as a screen or laptop booster to maintain a good working position.

Harry by Makiba

Actiu, the talended “Talent

Talent série 500 by Actiu

The Talent 500 series adjustable desk by Actiu is a highly technical work equipment that offers an optimal ergonomic experience. This desk is equipped with a height adjustment system that does not require an electrical connection. Thanks to an easy-to-use gas lift, you can go from 65 to 130 cm. It also has a memory function to save up to four preset heights for quick and easy access. The Talent desk is also equipped with an anti-collision control. The top is available in different sizes, from 120 to 200 cm long and 80 to 100 cm wide, providing a spacious work surface that can be adapted to different work spaces. The base is a very resistant aluminum structure, while the surface is made of melamine with rounded corners and rubber edges to avoid any risk of injury. In addition, this series also offers a desk format with the option to choose paintable surfaces. The Talent 500 series adjustable desk by Actiu was a finalist of Designeuropa 2021.

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Float Desk by Humanscale

Float Desk by Humanscale

With a patented counterbalance mechanism that replaces older technology, Float encourages an active workspace by allowing the user to move effortlessly from sitting to standing. With a steel and recyclable aluminum base, Humanscale offers a variety of tabletop sizes for this model. Float is also available in an electric version.

FLEXISPOT, desks made to move

Proplus Standing Desk E7

Proplus Standing Desk E7

The Proplus Standing Desk ergonomic and adjustable desk frame has a very clean design and comes with a beautiful finish. The adjustment motors are quiet, precise and stop or start smoothly even under heavy loads. The control panel offers many options. Among other things, you can save your sitting and standing position. Even more, this option can be used by others when you share the home office. With a cable duct under the desk, there are no more cables hanging down. It is also worth noting that the Proplus Standing Desk offers flexibility in the size of the desk top. Therefore, it is possible to mount a smaller desk if needed. For a purchase price of about 400€, this is a product to be recommended especially for home work.

Ergotron WorkFit-D, an infinity of options

Ergotron WorkFit-D

With the WorkFit-D, you can quickly adjust from sitting to standing by 20″ (51cm). Its open architecture was created to meet North American and European ergonomic standards. It translates into endless options to fit your needs. The solid construction of this ergonomic desk can support multiple monitors, keyboards, devices and more.

The Steelcase Bivi collection… multiple configurations

The Steelcase Bivi collection

The Bivi height adjustable desk from Steelcase is an ideal choice for home workers and modern workspaces. It is easy to assemble and features an easy-to-use gas lift mechanism. In addition to its practical functionality, the Bivi desk has a sleek, modern design that fits perfectly into any workspace. It is also durable and long-lasting, ensuring long-term use and value for money. Steelcase’s BIVI range offers three tabletop widths to choose from: 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm with the same depth: 800mm.

Benchmark’s Noa height adjustable desk with LINAK technology

Adjustable desk Noa by Benchmark

Noa is an ergonomic sit-stand desk from Benchmark, made from natural materials and ideal for small spaces. The desk is equipped with a LINAK Electric Desklift center column, which is operated by a DPG control for smooth movement. Fiona Coyne, sales and marketing manager at Benchmark, said, “We simply believe that LINAK provides the highest quality sit-stand mechanisms available – the strongest and most flexible. Indeed, LINAK offers a wide range of electric actuators, lifting columns and related accessories for multiple applications. After all, most true innovation concepts are developed in partnerships.

USM Kitos Meeting

USM Kitos Meeting

USM Kitos Meeting is a “best of” in the standing meeting table range. With mechanical or electronic height adjustment, a variety of practical accessories and customizable finishes, this intelligent meeting desk can be adapted to the specific needs of each meeting. The legs of this large table are set far apart, ensuring its stability and strength. The USM Kitos Meeting has a fold-down cable compartment, so that all electrical connections can be routed from the table surface to the compartments under the table.

By Mounira Tyal