Ergonomic adjustable desk are an essential tool for professionals who spend long hours sitting at their offices. Ergonoma Journal has previously covered this topic to encourage their use for better work performance.

The latest trends in adjustable desk focus on versatility, portability and ergonomic design. Adjustable models that can be used to elevate a laptop, monitor or tablet to the desired height, reducing neck, shoulder and back fatigue and pain. Some offer tilting surfaces that can help reduce tension in the wrists and hands, and the eco-friendly and sustainable materials they are made with are an environmentally friendly option. Adjustable desk are highly used in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark, which are often cited as examples of countries where ergonomics and occupational health are high priorities. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia are also countries where the use of aadjustable desk is common. However, in France, the acquisition of adjustable desk remains rather timid. However, Europe in general is taking a proactive approach to occupational health and ergonomics, which should lead to an increase in the use of desk stands in the coming years.

Ergonoma Journal invites you to rediscover the different models of desk risers:

Motorized adjustable desk

These models are equipped with a motor that automatically adjusts the height of the desk, which is particularly useful for people who spend a lot of time sitting.

Relaxdays Station bureau XXL

Relaxdays Station bureau

With the push of a connected button to the power supply, you can switch from sitting to standing with a simple turn of the hand. The adjustable height of this workstation prevents back and shoulder pain when sitting for long periods of time.  The height of the desk is adjustable between 5 and 37 cm, giving you enough space for your screen, keyboard and office supplies. A correct working area of 120 x 60 cm and a maximum load support of 15 kg.

Adjustable desk with built-in storage

Some models from German manufacturer Relaxdays have built-in storage compartments for office supplies, keeping the workstation organized and clean.

Relaxdays Desk RISER

Sit-stand work platform Lotus-Noir, by Fellowes

Lotus Noir by Fellowes

For over 100 years, the Fellowes family has provided leadership to this family-owned business founded in the United States of America. With a headquarters in FranceFellowes products have become quite familiar in Europe. The Lotus Noir,adjustable desk is easily height adjustable with patented Smooth Lift™ technology and ergonomic handles on the sides. It accommodates different users and work styles with 22 possible height settings. The Lotus Noir, provides excellent stability and allows the platform to be locked at the desired height. Its two work surfaces with useful spaces allow you to put all your office accessories.

Rise-X Light

The American Desk riser  Rise-X Light  from TECHORBITS is a solid product on any desk and is the perfect base to transform your workspace into an active sit-stand office environment. With a gas spring assisted lift mechanism, height adjustments are smooth and require little effort. Ease and flexibility are truly at the heart of the Rise-X Design. There’s plenty of room for your keyboard and mouse, and the back of the workstation can accommodate a single or dual monitor. Plus, the Rise-X Pro  is probably the most affordable convertible sit-stand workstation on the market today.

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Rise X Light by Technorbits


Adjustable Desk with lights 

Some models have built-in lights to enhance the lighting of the workstation, which can help reduce eye strain and improve concentration.

TKM Home Xtreme Riser, “Boost your game performance

Stream Riser

Here’s a state-of-the-art gaming accessory for the most demanding gamers, available at SearsMarketplace. Mount your monitors and speakers on the desk and stand to use two different levels for your equipment. The cable management trough under the desk keeps cords organized and out of the way. The USB port on the backsail offers 2 USB outlets for charging your phone and powering USB devices. The cup holder and headphone hook on the desk keep everything close by so you can play all day on your computer. The two components can be assembled in 4 different locations so you can customize your station setup. The desk can support up to 80 kg and the riser up to 30 kg. 

Adjustable Desk with tilt tray


Ergoburo is a company known for its concern to offer an ergonomic approach in the realization of large-scale commercial installations in Quebec. We have chosen this ergonomic product, rather a keyboard or tablet support, than a desk riser because it offers great versatility for people who want to work in a standing position and has the same space saving functionality.

You can raise your keyboard and tilt it to place your arms at a natural angle. This way, you reduce the strain on your shoulders and even your hands. Use this tray where you need it. It’s small, foldable and lightweight. You can carry it and store it easily. For best comfort, place the mouse tray on the desired side and adjust the angle. The tray is adjustable with a simple push button. The fixed edges prevent slipping and it’s surprisingly light: only 6 kg.

Desk risers made of ecological materials 

More and more models are made of ecological materials such as recycled wood or bamboo, which reduces the environmental impact. These latest developments in adjustable desk offer a wide variety of options to meet individual ergonomic and workplace health needs and preferences.



With the Q-riser 140, from the same manufacturer, you position your monitor at a comfortable working height. This ergonomic monitor support is suitable for all flat screens up to 25 kg. With this monitor stand you can also easily create extra space on your desk. It is indeed possible to store your keyboard or laptop under the monitor stand. It is height adjustable with 5 positions in order to install the screen at the right height and eye distance (6-8-10-12-14 cm).