Office lighting: Biodynamic, aesthetic, intelligent, and much more…

To make the right choice in office lighting, relevant selection criteria are needed … don’t be left in the dark about everything that determines ergonomic and quality office lighting. From flexibility of use and personalized control to the need to save energy and put people at the heart of lighting design, the trend is definitely towards “Intelligent Lighting“. These criteria are indeed a key element in our choice of lighting. The ability to adjust luminance levels or color temperature are two details so essential to consider for your employees well-being. Moreover, According to the WELL label, the certification introduces light into the standards for ergonomics and well-being of employees in offices.

Adjusted lighting influences the mood of employees, their biological cycle and consequently their productivity.

Bluetooth Technology lighting in a Smart Buildings 
The sensors and controls are connected and controlled via a wired or wireless network.

From the smart office to smart buildings: We are there!

Lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps … intelligent lighting offers not only an intelligent management of lighting, but also the possibility to collect data, qualify them, visualize them and exploit them. Employees can customize the lighting and temperature of their workspaces using the Interact Office smartphone app, for example. The application provides building managers with real-time data to maximize operational efficiency and reduce the building’s CO2 footprint.

Clipsal lighting control systems by Schneider Electric

Manufacturers keep innovating

Flex from LUCTRA, a battery full of light

Flex, the battery lamp from LUCTRA

Have you ever thought of carrying your lamp with you, wherever you want, without having to stand next to a power outlet? Yes you can. Choose the battery-powered lamp.
LUCTRA has been innovating for many years with FLEX: A relatively light (2kg), transportable lamp with an operating time of up to 25 hours. The lamp is rotatable at 180°. The head can illuminate the direct working area and provides indirect lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere. Its touch screen allows access to 5 lighting levels and 3 light colors. And now Luctra is making Flex “sedentary”: as an accessory, you can purchase the LUCTRA FLEX SOLO floor lamp stand to hold the lamp on its own without having to place it against a wall or any piece of furniture.

Flex office lamps by Luctra

Biodynamic lighting according to Waldmann

The right light throughout the day

Biodynamic light (human-centered lighting) can bring lasting wellbeing to employees in offices . It works with insufficient daylight, as well as during the winter months when there are far fewer sunny days. The VTL (Visual Timing Light) technique works in tandem with the body’s natural endorphins.

Emotional Impact of Light

The Waldmann Net module introduces the dynamics of natural light into the building to extend the emotional and ergonomic benefits of light quality. Recommended, among other things, for retirement homes with easy-to-use smartphone settings.

Vivaa 2.0 de Waldmann

At Ergonoma Journal, we were particularly attracted to the Vivaa range. All ViVAA 2.0 luminaires comply with the EN 12464-1 standard, offering optimal visual comfort in general and especially for screen work. It is a modern Edgelight device. The direct light appears even more homogeneous. Luminous flux up to 10,200 lm, luminous efficiency up to 120 lm/W, color temperature up to 3000 k, 4000 k – VTL 2700 K. Recommanded for all those who appreciate biodynamic lighting. The VTL circadian light management system automatically adjusts color temperature and illuminance to the needs of the office. These new pendant luminaires are available in two diameters: 450 mm and 600 mm. The high-quality housing is available in white. Another highlight is the textile cable, which can be adjusted from 50 to 200 cm and is available in eye-catching red or more discreet white.


ARTEMIDE, the Tolomeo collection, the house’s flagship series


Outdoor LED Floor Lamp H232cm by Michele De Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina

ARTEMIDE GROUP, both companion and comforter.

The company provides high quality lighting all over the world. The office lights are manufactured in Italy, France, Germany, USA, Hungary and Czech Republic.

This new outdoor LED floor lamp from ARTEMIDE is composed of a round base, a tubular foot and a double articulated arm, made of polished aluminum supporting a conical adjustable shade made of outdoor textile. The structure of the double arm is equipped with a spring balancing system.
Designed by the famous Michele de Lucchi, the Tolomeo collection is one of Artemide’s flagship series. This product also has a protection rating (IP44) that guarantees it against occasional water splashes.

RADIAN desk lamps

The ratio of comfort, performance and energy efficiency

PLINE ceiling by Radian

This LED lighting system from Radian, a French designer and manufacturer of office lighting, is modular, extra-flat and offers a minimalist design. “Pline ceiling” is designed for open-spaces, individual offices, meeting rooms or reception areas. The range is characterized by an immediately perceptible quality and comfort of lighting, guaranteeing a perfectly homogeneous and uniform distribution of light, even over long lengths.

EUREKA always innovative in acoustic office lighting

Chandelier by Caroline Ouellet at Eureka headquarters, Canada

Acuity Brands group, based in Atlanta, USA, has built its Canadian manufacturing plant and office headquarters in the Quebec Metro Technology Park. At the heart of the building, there is a bright and modern atrium. Caroline Ouellet, senior architect at Planidesign, designed an extraordinary two-story chandelier as a striking focal point for the atrium. It is a cluster of Sentinel fixtures from Eureka Lighting suspended at different heights. Three 40-inch and two 60-inch cylinders make up the light source for an exceptional look. Ouellet added two black metal panels around each fixture, framing the lighting and creating an eye-catching final effect. The chandelier is meant to be symbolic and the cylindrical lighting, represents the technology used to see through metals. “Essentially, the idea behind the fixture was light through metal,” said Ouellet.

Louis Poulsen, the timeless Scandinavian style

Iconic designs by the danish Louis Poulsen have been reinvented for contemporary interiors. Models such as the Artichoke suspension or the “PH” family by their designer Poul Henningsen, the “AJ” series by Arne Jacobsen and the famous “Panthella” lamp by designer Verner Panton have all become masterpieces and collector’s items. The Louis Poulsen range not only offers decorative lighting, but the lighting performance remains amazing. Ergonoma journal has selected the PH5 collection. Designed in 1958! This iconic series comes in two sizes and a wide variety of finishes.

PH collection by Louis Poulsen

Philips, a light that reduces anxiety

A surprising LIght Wall at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK

With truly innovative medical lighting, Birmingham Children’s Hospital has installed the revolutionary Imagination Light Canvas concept, the first of its kind in the UK. Measuring 3 meters by 1.5 meters, this innovative light wall is composed of 144 LED squares, which display suggestive colors. The outside of the wall is lit with iColor cove, which gives a warm glow to the whole. The wall is an immediately fun distraction for children who need to undergo treatment. The feel-good factor in the ward has improved, and thanks to the low-power LEDs, the new fixture uses less energy than a toaster.
The brightened faces of the children when they enter the hospital for the first time is just the final confirmation, and that’s the main thing.” -Peter Maskell, President, Philips Electronics.

By Mounira Tyal