Comfort, design and environment respect . The ergonomic chair, an essential product in any work area, uses the latest manufacturing technologies to provide comfort, well-being and prevention of MSD (Musculo-skeletal Disorders). Taking care of your back, your neck, your eyes, your blood circulation or your transit, ergonomic chairs are ideal for health prevention.

They are available in a wide range of international brands often presented in Ergonoma Journal. Their features include dedicated lumbar support, height and width adjustable armrests, often sliding seat, accompanying backrest, reclining with or without headrest, enhanced weight capacity, and much more.

Ergonoma Journal has once again scoured the market to help you make your choice by exposing the best ergonomic chairs on the market. A look with clean designs, combined with materials that respect ecological standards to preserve the environment.

The right setting illustrated by Dauphin

Ergonomics has always been at the heart of the German Dauphin Group’s quality approach. Before discovering the selected ergonomic chair, we share with you this detailed illustration of the manufacturer for a good sitting posture, in front of his computer.

90 seconds for a new feeling of well-being at your workstation“.

BEST OF 2023

Indeed White by Dauphin
winner of the German Design Award 2022

It is a high, height-adjustable “Easy-Touch” swivel chair in white, mesh with ergonomic armrests and neckrest. The ergonomic chair is very aesthetic and allows a great freedom of movement and a particularly easy handling.
For its designer Rüdiger Schaack, “Indeed’s revolutionary functionality, is the differentiating factor that won the German Design Award in 2022, not to mention its construction process. Basically, the main objective of its design was that the chair should have a consistent design language!” ( December 2022)

Le Aeron gaming « Novelty » by Herman Miller

The original Aeron is the chair that changed office seating forever. As comfortable for users who work on a computer for eight hours as it is for gamers who want to play all day (or all night!), Aeron gaming edition combines high performance and ergonomics in an iconic design.
This special edition gaming chair offers all the most popular features of its desktop counterpart. We worked with gamers to determine the best configuration settings and apply them to the chair. Enjoy optimal seating with the ergonomic gaming chair’s breathable and comfortable suspension, patented back support, and unique front seat angle that gives you optimal support, even when gaming requires extra concentration. Plus, you’ll feel good in more ways than one, in this iconic chair made from plastic waste diverted from the oceans.

Aeron chairs functions

Aloha Active by Haworth, for all body types

Haworth works in partnership with the Human Performance Institute at Western Michigan University and therefore uses scientific data to design and produce seats that offer comfort and ergonomic support to a wide audience. With a good quality/price ratio, we were attracted by the “Aloha Active” product , a chair that accommodates a wide range of body types and work styles with its comfortable seat, height adjustable 4D armrests, three position locking backrest and adjustable lumbar support. Haworth offers an online configuration to create your ideal model by choosing features and finishes according to your needs and preferences.

Kinnarps, always more ergonomic

The furniture is produced and assembled in Kinnarps, Jönköping, Skillingaryd, Vinslöv and Tranås. The main factory is located in Kinnarp, hence the brand name. Among Kinnarps’ innovative solutions for office chairs, we can mention the FreeMotion™, FreeFloat™ and Synchrone™ mechanisms. The seat and backrest of the office chair follow the body’s movements independently of each other. The seat can tilt forward and the resistance level is adjusted to the user’s weight. Armrests are adjustable in height, width, depth and tilt, with an abrasion-resistant surface and extra soft padding.

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Steelcase, a strong character

Steelcase ergonomic chairs

Steelcase Series 1 and 2 offer accessible performance with a touch of expression that is unique to the Steelcase line. A geometric back design, standard or padded upholstery, and numerous 3D Microknit or Air back options.

Freedome by Humanscale, free to move


Headrest Humanscale Freedome

The new Humanscale Freedom headrest: a beautiful headrest for the range. Its headrest also moves with you, perfectly supporting the head and neck in any posture – no manual adjustment required. It’s the “gold standard in office seating” according to designer Niels Diffrient who eliminates levers, dials and other mechanisms. Humanscale Freedom, is a rather special ergonomic chair. Several independent parts can move on the main metal axis to adjust to the user. They automatically adapt to the user’s morphology by placing themselves in the right position. The armrest system is efficient enough and the design remains refined and elegant.

Who are the other best manufacturers
The market for ergonomic chairs being quite large, and for even more choice, Ergonoma Journal has selected for you other equally innovative and sustainable companies: Knoll , Songmics, Duorest, Kloeber, Topstar, Flokk, Kab Seating, Interstuhl, Koehl, Narbutas, Nowystyl

In general, this is how how to recognize a good ergonomic office chair

3D ergonomics
The chair must encourage the intuitive movements of the person. We should be able to move while sitting in all three dimensions: Forward and backward, to both sides and up and down.
Leaning forward
The advantage of this system is that as soon as you lean forward towards the desk, the entire spring column of the chair moves and tilts forward. As a result, your pelvis adopts a posture similar to walking, your back stays straight, your breathing is deep and your circulation is activated.
Vertical swing
This feature is only possible if the ergonomic office chair is spring-loaded. This relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs, promotes blood circulation and activates the circulation. This ensures an optimal supply of oxygen.

Lateral flexibility
The possibility of lateral deviation increases your range of action and activates your blood circulation with every change of posture.
Seat height

Ideally, there should be an “open” angle between the upper and lower leg (> 90°). To ensure healthy sitting, you should also take the height of the workstation into account when adjusting the height of the office chair. A good model is therefore continuously adjustable in height and the height adjustment lever is easily accessible and easy to operate.
Weight adjustment
Make sure your ergonomic office chair is individually adjustable for your body weight and fits your proportions. A standard spring leg, for example, can be variably adjusted to a body weight of approximately 50 kg to 120 kg.

Some advice from specialists
(orthopedic doctors, rheumatologists, physiotherapists)

To adjust your office chair, stand in front of the chair and adjust the height so that the highest point of the seat is below the knee cap.

Adjust the angle and height of the chair back so that it supports the small of your back.
Adjust the seat angle of the chair to a comfortable position. The seat of the chair should be 15 cm below the surface of your back.