The mobile acoustic partitions: Silence…we work

Functional, silent and aesthetic partitions

Noise pollution is one of the most annoying aspects of the working environment, causing stress and reducing the efficiency of employees. Telephone ringing, printer noise and discussions between colleagues are indeed sources of interference and disturbance that make it difficult to concentrate.

Acoustic movable partitions have become an essential solution for creating flexible and modular work spaces. They offer a great deal of freedom of design while guaranteeing optimal sound isolation. Acoustic movable partitions are particularly appreciated in open spaces, meeting rooms or coworking spaces, where they allow the creation of distinct work areas and preserve the confidentiality of exchanges. To create segmented open workspaces, we have identified several options for movable or fixed partitions; and to make them more pleasant, we have allowed ourselves a bit of fantasy with aesthetic and decorative acoustic partitions

CONCEPT BUREAU, the partition Semi-Vitrée

Semi vitrée partition

Specialized in the fitting out of company premises for more than 25 years, Concept Bureau offers you a wide choice of acoustic partitions. We have chosen in the 2023 catalog, the Semi-glazed partition on feet or on wheels composed of two parts: an upper panel in ” plexi ” and a lower panel in melamine. With its practical design and ease of installation, this durable, sturdy and 100% recyclable Plexiglas partition offers a versatile solution for reorganizing and dividing your spaces.


Glimakra mobile acoustic partitions, partitions that fit together

Alp by Glimakra

The acoustic partition on wheels Alp from the Swedish brand Glimakra that Mon Bureau Design presents, effectively attenuates the noise of printers, computers and discussions thanks to its soundproofing performance tested according to the standard SS-EN ISO 354. You can use the Alp acoustic dividers on wheels either individually or in compositions of 1, 2 or 3 sizes that fit perfectly into each other.

Buzzispace BuzziBlinds Classics, Swinging acoustic partition

Designed by the Belgian manufacturer BuzziSpace, renowned for the performance and aesthetics of its acoustic furniture, the Buzziblinds swivel partition presented by Mon bureau Design is equipped with 5 rotating flaps that you can close or open very quickly. Elegant and refined, this design partition fits into any type of living space. The rotating panels are made of absorbent material covered with 100% recycled felt and are fixed on a lacquered metal base. You can also equip this acoustic partition with wheels, to be ordered as an option.


NARBUTAS, a combination of acoustics and design

Acoustic Artwork

NarbutasACOUSTIC ARTWORK line is a collection of acoustic products designed to improve the acoustics of spaces while bringing a creative touch to the modern office focused on employee well-being. Made from PET felt, these products offer artistic compositions that transcend their primary functionality. The ACOUSTIC ARTWORK system consists of three types of products: partitions, acoustic clouds and tiles. They can be used on both walls and ceilings. In addition to improving the acoustics of the space, these versatile products can also be used to divide and create work areas, while providing a unique aesthetic to the interior.


CONCEPT BUREAU sales these acoustic walls for room separation manufactured by the company NARBUTAS, based in Lithuania.

Acoustic walls ZIP-ON by BRUNEAU, efficiency and simplicity


Zip-on made by Bruneau redefines the design of your spaces with ease. Its solid and durable construction is based on panels with a density of 670 kg/m3 and a thickness of 25 mm, covered with a 3 mm foam and a 100% polyester fabric. With a white powder-coated steel base, Zip-on offers unwavering stability. The modern shaped models are easily attached to each other with a white zipper. This product is eco-friendly, made from a minimum of 50% recycled material.


Cloisonnette by France Bureau, partioning your facilities

Made in France, the Cloisonnette range of partitions is distinguished by its ease of installation. Available in three different heights (140 cm, 160 cm or 180 cm), they allow you to personalize your space in a flash. France bureau offers the Cloisonnette range in a variety of materials: melamine, fabric, acoustic fabric, super acoustic, acrylic glass or polycarbonate. Each partition is delivered with a set of multidirectional plates, offering total flexibility for all possible configurations: straight lines, angles with 2, 3 or 4 partitions.

Suspended acoustic panel Abstracta Scala by PANELSCREENS

The unusual and striking design of Abstracta Scala suspended acoustic panels stops sound waves before they travel upward and become annoying echoes. Panelscreens offers these rafts suspended horizontally or vertically from the ceiling, ideal for spaces that cannot accommodate fixed or movable wall panels. A 100% recyclable product, available in different sizes with or without integrated lighting.

HOYEZ, H transparency solutions

CERFF+ Garde-Corps certified, Hoyez’s H5 partition offers remarkable characteristics. Its filling is maintained by glazing beads, ensuring optimal solidity. In addition, its frame is entirely composed of springs and eccentric elements, making it easy to assemble and disassemble. The versatility of the H5 partition is a major asset. It allows for multiple changes at any time, without requiring modification of the frame or damage to adjacent elements. You can thus reorganize your spaces without constraints, in all simplicity.

PRINTED OFFICE SCREENS, payroll at your door

Printed Office Partition Screens

With the largest range of office partitions in the UK, Office Screens offers incredible choices of colors and materials in addition to their acoustic efficiency. At Office Screens we have opted for the Printed Office Partitions. They are perfectly modular, reconfigurable and relocatable with the option of company branding. They are also easy to install and clean.

ACTIU, make your spaces turn 360°

The 360 degree base

The 360 degree base is specially designed with two rotating panels offering full rotation. Actiu, with its vision of co-working, has created this remarkably stable structure, guaranteeing greater security when creating work spaces that offer more privacy.

EOLE, the Type 100K mobile wall

Ideal for all types of acoustic separations, the EOLE Type 100K mobile partition is designed for many configurations: schools, day care centers, conference centers, multi-purpose rooms, dance halls, municipal halls, amphitheaters, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, banks, museums, shopping centers, etc.
In terms of aesthetics, Eole offers a wide range of finishes: plain colors, warm and authentic wood tones, perforated acoustic panels, and technical finishes (felt-tip writing, mirrored glass, anti-fingerprinting…). The independent panels of this mobile partition can be moved manually without effort thanks to the high guide. They are installed on an extremely quiet aluminum track system with wear-resistant rollers. Certified soundproofing from 39 to 54 RW dB with the option of adding elements such as a swing door, internal door, double door, oculus, corner junction or impact walls.

By Mounira Tyal