Akagreen, the corporate florist

Clearly, the pandemic has put well-being at work back at the center of business considerations. And it’s not at Ergonoma that we’re going to complain. This article will analyze yet another daring novelty in this area. New, not really, because the AkaGreen company was founded in 2016 in Paris, where its head office still resides. It simply proposes to green the offices of companies. To bring more well-being to employees and improve the CSR policy. And it works !

The pandemic has increased orders tenfold and put a big spotlight on the Ile-de-France startup. So how does it work ? Tomorrow, will green plants invade our workspaces? Elements of response and presentation of the offer and conditions.

Apporter la nature dans les espaces de travail, une démarche RSE

Akagreen offers turnkey formulas. Which group together 3 main services. The green layout of workspaces with sustainable plant ecosystems. Rental of green plants and maintenance of green spaces. 3 services for 3 distinct offers offered to businesses.

  • Greenstart (from 290 euros per month). This is the standard offer, the one that allows you to garnish your premises with green plants.
  • Greenlove (from 490 euros per month). The startup promises denser plant arrangements, inserted into the workspace.
  • GreenJungle, or the absolute floral experience, priced only on request. AkaGreen announces that this offer allows employees to live “a unique and limitless plant experience in the workspaces”.

The installation also takes place in 3 stages, like a waltz. The company first establishes a quote “within 72 hours of first contact”. Once the latter has been validated, Akagreen undertakes to ensure the installation of the plants between 2 and 4 weeks.

The company then takes care of the maintenance of the flower park. Twice a month, a team travels to water, prune and clean the plants. They also replace those that show signs of fatigue. Employee morale depends on a green environment.

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Plants: for a more harmonious “back to the office”?

The first quarter of 2021 exceeded all expectations in terms of orders. With the key an increase of 50% compared to the first quarter of 2020. Many companies are meticulously preparing the return of employees to the office. 2 reasons seem to explain this boom at the start of the year.

First, companies are starting to understand that the pandemic has taken a serious toll on employee morale. To the point that their well-being becomes a more than crucial issue. According to a survey carried out in March 2021, we are 1 in 3 French people to say that the restrictions have a negative impact on our morale. Teleworking seems to have been hard to digest, the managerial professions being for the most part on the verge of burnout.

Then, the pandemic seems to have brought one thing in a lasting way: flexibility in working methods. To remain attractive, companies will have to offer at least hybrid work. That is, part of the week at the office and part of the week at home. The office will therefore no longer be an obligation.

As a ripple effect, companies understood that they were going to have to make premises more attractive. Because now they has to convince employees to come back. Greening the workspace then becomes an undeniable asset.

The pandemic will at least have this positive impact. Bringing companies that were previously not taken very seriously to the game. These companies, like Akagreen, now have a CSR policy that is given more importance than before.