The Tertio RR: New 100% mesh version of SOKOA’s bestseller

The Tertio RR is the latest addition to the Tertio series from French manufacturer SOKOA. A driving force behind the economy of the Basque Country. Functional and ergonomic, it stands out with simple and intuitive settings. Its 2021 “makeover” by designers Jean-Louis Iratzoki and Ander Lizaso gives it a 100% mesh look.

The SOKOA company founded in April 1971, in Hendaye by Patxi Noblia, is the flagship of office chairs in France (10% of the national market). Active in more than fifty countries internationally, it produces (in normal times) around 2,000 seats per day and around 400,000 seats per year. Its products are recognized for their manufacturing qualities. The result of an extremly skilled workforce with 260 employees at the company’s headquarters located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Far from the major infrastructures of European metropolises, Sokoa manufactures everything related to the world of offices (tables, seats, workspaces and layout).

A high-performance office chair

The Tertio office chair range combines a clean design with tense lines and generous and reassuring volumes. Designed to effectively support its user throughout their working day. Its simple, intuitive settings and exceptional comfort have made it the favorite of users at their workstation.

The mesh backrest version (TERTIO R), or 100% mesh like (TERTIO RR) provides the comfort of permanent ventilation, support and tailor-made adaptation and facilitates cleaning. This material, due to its elasticity, is suitable for daily and intensive use because it adapts to the shape of your back.

An ergonomic seat

To the technicality and the proven resistance of its black load-bearing mesh, is added the adaptability of a seat with integrated translation. To put it simply, this is the most ergonomic solution. Its synchronous mechanics allow the seat position to be adjusted from front to back. Optimizing the contact surface between thighs and the seat. The ergonomics of the seat are adapted to the size of the user. And the seat at the height of the person’s legs.

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With a wide seat, adjustable in height by rack and its synchronous mechanism, the Tertio provides optimal support in all positions. In particular, using its personalized tension adjustment. It adjusts the tension of the backrest tilting in order to obtain a free and effortless movement. Added to this is its safety anti-return system. A system which prevents the release of the mechanism that the chairback does not come back on its own. Perfect for prolonged, long-term use, even 8 hours a day when working from home or the office.

Excellent value

Equipped with a black nylon base with ø50 carpeted floor casters, the seat can receive 3D adjustable armrests (height + PU cuff with forward-backward translation + pivot rotation).

Finally, this office chair wins the prize for the best quality / price ratio. The various online resellers displaying it at around € 300 including tax. The color chart is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Manufactured in its own production site in Hendaye (64) under an ISO 9001 quality assurance system. The TERTIO is an ergonomic seat completely environmentally friendly certified NF ENVIRONMENT and ISO 14001 environmental management.

With the 100% mesh RR version, Sokoa delivers a successful job here. An office chair of remarkable quality. An ergonomic seat, adjustable, easy to clean and customizable.

The manufacturer wanted a seat with a personality that was both sober and assertive (like the Bidassoa river after all), resolutely in its time. And make it the natural answer to any tertiary environment. Capable of adapting, it will perfectly fulfill its role. We approve..100%