The ergonomic Multi2Move workshop workstation

Ergonomics improve office work, but even more so in workshops. In short, the more the job involves load doors or repetitive movements, the more the science of ergonomics can improve one’s daily life. Like ergonomic workshops. Today, we are scrutinizing the Multi2move workshop workstation. A high-end ergonomic multipurpose workbench for the workshop.

Kind, is a company founded in 1901 by the German Otto Kind who firmly believed in the need to improve furniture in stores. This strategy forms the basis of the company. Otto Kind wanted an improvement in the presentation and sale of products. Due to its long-standing sales activities. Otto Kind created new and innovative sales furniture for the retail industry. With the first catalog in the history of shop furniture, OTTO KIND quickly attracted many customers. The business is growing exponentially.

Today this Germanic company still conveys the spirit of its visionary creator. Whether it is in its organization, its way of working and in each product it puts on the market. But the turn it took in the 90s towards more ergonomics also made design part of its DNA.

In 2014, OTTO KIND is once again a pioneer. The company is developing the first sound-insulated store fitting system. A system that drastically reduces noise pollution in stores and supermarkets. Thus allowing to increase the customer’s time spent in the store. To reduce stress and obtain a clear increase in turnover in the shelves equipped in this way.

The same principles of innovation and improvements in working conditions are found in the office furniture branch of the group. Whether for classic furniture, ergonomic workstation systems or assembly lines: Otto offers complete solutions for furniture, office equipment and storage spaces.

Multi2move, an ergonomic and multi-use workbench

The Multi2move worktable system has a width of 169 cm and a height of 72 to 110 cm. But it is expandable in all of its dimensions and designs. Its maximum load capacities are 200 kilos. Plus 4 table depths (700 to 1000 mm) and 3 table widths (1280 to 2030 mm) are available.

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The height of the table is adjustable thanks to an electric motor and equipped with T-legs for great freedom of movement and good stability. The basic table can be supplemented with an extension table. An extension that is possible both in the form of a corner and a line.

The possibilities are great, as some might say for its price. The Multi2move is available at a price slightly below 1600 euros. No stock problem to report. Superstructures (up to 4060mm long) are positioned across the width of the table. In order to ensure easy and quick access to materials. In addition, the corner extensions, made with the same materials, allow bulky equipment to be installed. Like a PC with its peripheral accessories.

Efficient and functional.

Last detail, it is only available in one color, gray. However, it must be recognized that, combined with the wood color of the worktop, it looks good. Efficient but stylish. As a trademark of this German company.

“The advantage of organization in the company” is therefore the watchword of this atypical company. The Multi2move, despite a high price, passes the test without any problem. A high quality product, which can be explained by the rich history of the company that markets it.