Vank’s Wall3: sober, elegant & eco-responsible

To support teleworking (which will probably become hybrid over time) professionals in the sector are multiplying the novelties, urgently required. But it is clear that the effort has so far been focused on the desks. Like the Martine series (at school, at the sea …), individual offices can now be found in gardens, shopping centers and even in the car. But the workstation shouldn’t be the only point of attention when setting up a home office. There are also the acoustic panels. Like the Vank Wall 3, the first of its kind specifically designed for home working.

Hearing pollution can be a real nuisance, especially for some people living in cities. As a reminder, noise pollution can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ear), stress and fatigue. And, in the worst cases, cardiovascular problems.

Developed by the Polish company Vank, Vank Wall 3 acoustic panels stand out for their modularity and their composition in recycled material. And by their sober and elegant design. Quick overview.

Vank is a team of architects “involved in their projects from start to finish”. In 2012, the Polish brand won the Red Dot Design Award thanks to its WOODI chair. For the company, it is out of the question to compromise on the quality of their products. “That’s why we design and manufacture them to last as long as possible.”

With a catalog of products designed both for the office and the home, as well as for what is called the third space. The brand promotes modern Polish design. Describing themselves as staunch supporters of Dieter Rams‘ Ten Principles of Good Design, this team of architects shuns mass production.

Acoustic panels specially made for home

Vank Wall 3 comes in the form of a relatively effective sound absorbing surface. A surface that doubles as a room divider to create visual and acoustic privacy.

The panels are between 160 and 220 centimeters high and are covered with a synthetic felted fabric. A material, which responds to the name of SONUS, increases soundproofing capacities. The latter reaching the level of αW = 0.95.

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Very good level, guaranteed !

The system is completely modular. It is made up of simple panels linked together with fasteners. In order to form a screen of the desired size. The triangular plywood bases can be easily disassembled, allowing for convenient storage of partitions.

Panels are available in 3 colors. Blue, turquoise blue and gray.

Latest information, the company announces that the Vank Wall 3 can also be used as an “information panel or background during a videoconference”. Sleek, modular and ultra efficient, the Vank Wall 3 is also environmentally friendly.

Sustainable design

Acoustic panels are made from post-consumer plastics. In this case a polyester non-woven fabric. Waste generated by end users is recycled for later reuse. Thus, no additional resources are required for manufacturing. In short, the circular economy.

Optimized materials, but also 50% less CO2 emissions.

Panels are only made to order. There is no storage space used and waste management can be done optimally. Designs are customized using 3D modeling software when it is necessary to plan the layout of buildings. Another proof that respect for the environment and performance are not at all incompatible.

One of the highest acoustic benefits on the market, a sober and elegant design and increased modularity. All with respect for the environment, in particular through high-performance recycling management.

Vank Wall 3 acoustic panels, the first made especially for remote working, pass the Ergonoma test with flying colors. No prices were found on the Internet. But we envisage the price range being quite steep considering the performances and the quality of the product. But when you love (working quietly), you don’t count.

The absorption classes of the products

There are five absorption classes for the products to be used:

  • A : 0,90 / 0,95 / 1
  • B : 0,80 / 0,85
  • C : 0,60 / 0,65 / 0,70 / 0,75
  • D : 0,30 / 0,35 / 0,40 / 0,45 / 0,50 / 0,55
  • E : 0,15 / 0,20 / 0,25
  • Non ranked : 0,15 / 0,20 / 0,25

Source: Placo St-Gobain