Isover launches Geowall, its new insulation range

Saint-Gobain Isover is a leading French company in the manufacture of insulation systems for buildings. It just announced in February the launch of its new Geowall range. A new range entirely designed in rock wool. As a reminder, rock wool comes from a natural material, basalt, born from volcanic activity and then transformed by man. It is commonly used in buildings as thermal insulation, sound insulation or sound absorber. It is also very effective in fighting fires. Available in 3 models, the Geowall range consolidates the French brand as a benchmark in the field. Focus on Geowall, a newcomer in thermal and sound insulation.

A new range of optimal insulation

Geowall is a non-hydrophilic, uncoated rock wool solution. It offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance. It was created to meet the needs of distributors, installers, designers and the end user. And all with a reduced environmental impact! All this in order to improve energy efficiency of buildings and consequently energy bill of users. To best meet user needs, the range is available in 3 models: Geowall 34, Geowall 35 and Geowall 37.

Presenting itself as an optimal choice for the design and execution of laminated plasterboard systems, this solution meets all thermal and acoustic insulation needs for interior dividers such as partitions or cladding. As a reminder, their main function is to isolate each other acoustically. And, if they are in contact with unheated user units or with temperature differences, they are also used to prevent heat and cold loss through the wall thanks to their thermal insulation.

Meet today’s demands

The new range meets all requirements for sound insulation. It also offers optimal fire protection. As you may know, rock wool is completely incombustible. All this has been proven by tests carried out in accredited laboratories.

In addition, this new range is introduced to the market with new packaging. To improve ergonomics and the work of installers, the company has designed new packages with less weight. This facilitates their handling and opening on the site.

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Building insulation, an issue that is becoming central in our societies

If the world of insulation seems to have a series of novelties, it is because the company has expressed high expectations. In the climate objectives it has set for itself for 2030, Europe, for example, has demanded an overall improvement in energy efficiency of 32%. This will require an overall strengthening of the thermal insulation of buildings. The other societal problem is ambient noise. A noise that is beginning to affect more and more city dwellers. It was in 2018 that for the first time the WHO (World Health Organization) warned about noise pollution and its consequences. They can range from disturbed sleep to risks of cardiovascular disease such as hypertension, stroke or myocardial infarction.

The demand from society is strong. This, professionals have understood and are trying to redouble their innovation. The new Geowall range from Saint-Gobain Isover is a new step in this race for innovation.

The new Geowall stone wool range is also an indicator of Saint-Gobain Isover’s understanding of the market and of new expectations. More efficiency, ergonomics and more natural products seem to be the new directions of the French giant. Which, so far, doesn’t seem to be wrong.