Offecct launches Jasmin and becomes greener than ever

Another furniture designer who wants to be sustainable, you might think. But it must be said that the Swedes from Offecct set the level very high. By launching the Jasmin acoustic panel, from the Soundwear range, the first collaboration with Italian designer Layla Mehdi. She intends to not only respect but also be inspired by nature. With an elegant and irregular design (to imitate nature), Jasmin further reinforces the Swedish brand in its approach of environmental respect and circular economy. That is to say without waste.

All revolutions were initiated by the most inspired. A new designer who respects the environment can only be a good sign for the latter. Focus on this graceful Jasmine and on these manufacturers not quite like the others.

Jasmin, an acoustic panel that brings the calm of nature

The acoustic panel is in the form of triangles. User can combine them in order to obtain the most suitable solution. A triangle of harmonious and soothing shape. “When I designed Jasmin, I was inspired by natural elements which may appear irregular in their macro form, but which in detail have wonderful precision and regular structure. In this case, I started with flowers above all and developed them into a concrete product with a playful character. ” says Layla Mehdi. “I have strived to capture the poetic rhythm of nature and mix it with more geometric and triangular shapes that can be combined in different ways and create new expressions and compositions,” she adds.

Acoustic panels also have solid technical guarantees. Noise reduction combined with a calming visual, as it is inspired by nature. Here is the enticing promise of the Jasmin acoustic panel. It must be said, in terms of respect for nature, the company Offecct wants to be at the forefront.

Offecct, the company that goes the extra mile in respecting the environment

Offecct, founded in Sweden in 1990, is a manufacturer of high-end office equipment. It offers a wide range of products. From sofas to tables to a large number of chairs. But the Swedes above all want to be a major player in the fight against global warming. Their approach is based on the Lifecircle philosophy. A philosophy based on the desire to give furniture a sustainable life cycle. It also involves promoting the circular economy.

To do this, Offecct has created and operates a second-hand market, Offecct Reused. You can find whole products or just parts. This makes it possible to extend the life of the Offecct range.

In order to guarantee optimal use of resources used for manufacturing, it is still necessary to be able to know everything about their origin. The company makes all the information about the manufacturing process available to the customer. This is characterized by stamps, QR codes and certificates. Also, all final assembly takes place at the group’s factory in Tibro. Promotion of the circular economy in transparency, this is the leitmotif of Offecct.

The Jasmin acoustic panel is another proof that design and top of the range are compatible with respect for the environment. With an added bonus of an Italian designer inspired by nature. Something to inspire the design and furniture world of tomorrow. Which, as the numerous initiatives in this direction testify, will be geared towards protecting the environment.