Elgato allows geeks to personalize their office space

Elgato is perhaps not the most well-known actor in the worlds of acoustic panels and lighting. Yet the German company is one of the world’s largest providers of hardware and software for content creators. When we talk about content creators, we are not talking about a writer or a wine producer. We are talking about creators of multimedia content. These geeks who make videos or sound for the greatest pleasure of your moments in front of your PC. Beyond that, they are mostly people spending many hours in front of their screen.

Which, according to specialists, can damage health. That’s why Elgato, now owned by Corsair, has just announced the release of 2 new ranges to help content creators personalize their studios. Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels. Elgato Light Strip is a lighting solution. The Elgato Wave Panels are acoustic foam panels. Better lighting and better noise control in the studio. Zoom in on this good news for content creators.

Elgato Light Strip lighting, atmosphere and more capabilities

Elgato Light Strip comes in the form of RGB LED light strips. With a power of 108 RGBWW LEDs in total, they are made up of warm and cold white LEDs. Which provides a special atmosphere. A light that is both geeky and subdued. Which also offers a wider range of colors and temperatures than RGB or RGBW LEDs. The bands are attached with Tesa brand adhesive tape. The device is capable of producing up to 2000 lumens at color temperatures between 3500 and 6500K. Finally, Light Strip can be controlled through a free app for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. A minimum of technology when you know the target audience and their technological expertise. Better lighting thanks to Elgato, but also reduced noise, thanks to Elgato Wave Panels.

The Elgato Wave Panels, acoustic foam panels in fancy colors

Noise, more specifically noise pollution, can prove to be a real problem for many workers. Especially for those operating in the studio, because of the resonance effects. Elgato Wave panels optimize the audio quality of live broadcasts and recordings while enhancing the aesthetics of the room. Dual density foam construction helps reduce echo and reverberation. This significantly improves the streaming and listening experience. A hexagonal profile and patented EasyClick frames allow Wave panels to be easily connected together. Which creates, according to the brand, “unique constellations”. Like the lighting, the panels are fitted with Tesa adhesive strips. These, optional screws and wall anchors allow easy mounting, removal and movement. Also namely, the panels are available in several colors which can be mixed and matched. This allows for further customization of the studio setup.

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Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels extend a range of solutions for content creators. A range that some will consider to be quite limited for the time being. This means that companies and advertisers still show little interest in this category of workers. An interest that seems to be growing, however, as evidenced by all the accessories releases in 2020-2021. A sign of interest on the part of companies, or a movement initiated by the telework boom? Either way, the interests of content creators and teleworkers seem to converge.