Energinet offers the rental of sustainable furniture for its remote workers

It’s a cliché that dies hard. In terms of well-being (and especially at work), the Nordic countries are a bit like Brazilians in football or the All Blacks in rugby: the best. Cliché or established fact? This latest example from Energinet company is not going to change the legend. Energinet is a company that manages gas and electricity transmission network. Like many of its colleagues, the company does everything in its power to ensure that its 1,380 employees can work as harmoniously as possible. Thus it has just offered all employees computer equipment and furniture for their office at home. All this thanks to a partnership with the company Holmris B8. Danish too, it offers accessories for the remote workers that are both stylish and durable. Zoom on this new advance in terms of well-being that comes to us from cold countries.

A revolution since January 2021

It was in January 2021 that for the first time employees of the Danish firm were able to log into an online portal. In order to be able to order one of the three different height-adjustable desks, a chair and a lamp. Once the selection is made, the products are delivered directly to your home, then installed by an assembler from the company Holmris B8. Today, just a few weeks after the start of the offer, it’s already a hit. Because no less than 734 desks, 806 chairs and around 600 lamps have already been ordered.

Focus on sustainable furniture

In addition to ensuring that home offices have the right conditions and meet health and safety requirements, it was important to Energinet that the materials and furniture selected were as environmentally friendly as possible. This is confirmed by Team Manager Tina Sorensen. We have “made the environmental aspect an absolute priority in our furniture specifications. It was important for us that the furniture was certified ecological, with a documentable sustainable profile. »Among the items available: the Q20 desk, 2 Sola chairs covered with Gabriet fabric certified EU Ecolabel or the Unilux Success 66 desk lamp….

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To offset the carbon footprint of the furniture, Holmris B8 will plant five trees for each workstation rented by Energinet to its staff. These trees will be planted in a new community forest. In 30 years, they will have neutralized the amount of CO2 emitted during the manufacture of a workstation.

The flexibility of rental contracts

Energinet has chosen to rent the furniture for its employees’ remote offices instead of buying it. And seems, as Tina Sorensen explains, to welcome this choice. Renting the furniture “makes the deal much more flexible for us. We don’t have to worry about storing the furniture. Nor the additional resources that we would need to manage them. We welcome 100 new colleagues every year. And with the natural turnover of staff in the workplace, this type of agreement makes things much easier for us ”. It should also be remembered that if Energinet is a pioneer in the well-being of its employees, it is because it fears possible recruitment problems. Talent needs to be attracted to Fredericia, a remote town far from Copenhagen, the capital. Where the activities seem reduced.

Allowing its employees to rent designer and sustainable furniture will greatly improve daily life. The daily life of its remote workers. Because, as we often recall, most employees do not have the means to invest in quality professional furniture at home.